How BHLDN's Pinterest Strategy Bolsters Cross-Channel Marketing

Jennifer Meech
July 17, 2020
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BHLDN turned to Pinterest to understand its audience’s visual preferences and strengthen its creative decisions before its spring campaign launched across marketing and e-commerce channels. Armed with Dash Hudson’s data-driven insights, the brand curated a multichannel campaign with the visuals that its community cares about, outperforming the KPIs that matter most. Here’s what you’ll learn in the case study:

  • How BHLDN approaches Pinterest with a unique strategy as compared to channels like Instagram, to capture the platform’s purchase-minded audience.
  • Why Pinterest is the brand’s top traffic referrer and how BHLDN evolved its strategy to convert Pinners into customers, faster.
  • The overwhelming success of BHLDN’s spring campaign, outperforming the brand’s average Pinterest engagement by +82%.

Photos and videos are the single most important factor when it comes to driving online revenue. Effective visuals differentiate a successful campaign from an underperformer. As a result, selecting visuals for a multichannel campaign is daunting to say the least. Brands risk wasting marketing dollars and missing out on those coveted conversions. For BHLDN’s spring campaign, the wedding dress retailer aimed to maximize ROI across marketing channels—with the help of its secret weapon: Pinterest.

Pinners are planners, making Pinterest the perfect place for BHLDN to gain a stronger understanding of what types of visuals and dress styles resonate with its unique audience. Getting its new spring dresses in front of Pinners sooner not only meant that BHLDN could capture brides earlier on their dress shopping journeys, but the brand could test creative before the collection’s launch across channels.

The missing piece? The right data. The brand turned to Dash Hudson to go beyond surface-level insights and dive deeper into its Pin performance. With Dash Hudson Boards, BHLDN can segment content pillars and surface Pin click throughs, engagements, and impressions in real time. BHLDN’s team was able to use this intel to optimize every photo and video it put in front of its community for the collection’s wider launch.

Dash Hudson equips BHLDN with the tools and data it needs most to measure and optimize its Pins in real time. As a result, the brand is ahead of the curve with an innovative cross-channel strategy that sets the wedding dress retailer up for maximum engagement and ROI at every visual touchpoint.

See below for a sneak peak, and check out the full case study here.

Brides-to-be are planners—and Pinterest is where they plan. For the price-conscious bride, Anthropologie’s BHLDN Weddings is the dream dress destination. With over 10 million monthly views on BHLDN’s Pinterest account, the platform is the brand’s number one traffic driver. The fact that 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on the platform is one of many reasons BHLDN tapped Pinterest to preview its 2020 Spring collection. The team knew that their target audience lived on Pinterest, but needed a stronger grasp on what types of visuals resonated with their community. This intel would drive the creative direction of the collection’s launch across marketing and e-commerce channels. BHLDN partnered with Dash Hudson to dive deep into its Pin performance and discern what styles of visuals and dresses its audience cares about. The result was a multichannel campaign primed to inspire action.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner: Pinterest

BHLDN is a thoughtfully curated wedding shop for all things bridal and celebration. Every bride searches for a wedding dress that embodies their personality and style. And there’s no better platform to bring a bride’s wedding dreams to life than Pinterest. From rustic vibes and boho dress, to glamorous weddings and romantic ball gowns, BHLDN has a Pinterest Board that fits every bride’s fantasy.

Users turn to Pinterest to inform their purchase decisions more than any other social platform. And Pinners are ahead of the curve when it comes to searching, making Pinterest a top choice for testing new creative. Future brides can save their favorite Pins to go back to when it comes time to say yes to the dress. BHLDN wanted to capitalize on Pinner behavior with a preview of their Spring line—exclusively on Pinterest.

To continue reading, download the case study HERE.

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