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Cotton On's Clever Data-Driven Content Creation [Case Study]

Jennifer Meech
August 8, 2019
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Content creation slowing you down? Let’s pick up the pace.

With the rapidly changing landscape of social media marketing, our gut instincts can only get us so far. Content creation can feel like a shot in the dark some days—and let’s not forget, it’s costing brands major dollars. You feel like you’re checking all the boxes: a picturesque location, trendy models, an in demand photographer, and a killer product...but still no certainty that the images will actually resonate with your audience. By the time you can measure performance, your content has already swam or sunk. To keep your content strategy afloat, Dash Hudson—aka your brand’s new life boat—is revolutionizing content creation to help brands navigate social media with a data-backed strategy.

With Dash Hudson’s predictive visual intelligence technology, Vision, savvy social teams can understand content performance before a photoshoot even wraps. To maximize engagement and reach, Vision is learning with your brand as it evolves and as your audience grows. The AI is always on and shows up when you need it most—at grueling photoshoots, during the scheduling of weeks worth of posts, and when you’re digging into the performance of all of your visual assets. That includes published, unpublished and user-generated content (UGC). All 👏 of 👏 the 👏 above.👏

Australia’s largest apparel retailer Cotton On, knows its laid-back style is best showcased on the ultimate organic lifestyle channel, Instagram. The missing piece? Data to back the social team’s creative process. In the especially saturated space of apparel on social media, Cotton On needed its content to stand out amongst a sea of competitors and to create imagery faster to effectively scale. To do so, the brand uses Vision to enhance its social strategy with a data-driven approach to content creation and curation.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the case study:

  • The streamlined process Cotton On follows to produce and measure content. Spoiler alert: it saves time + money. 💵
  • The data-backed insights Cotton On leverages to select content to re-post and which influencers to showcase and collaborate with.
  • How multiple teams at Cotton On use Vision to craft strategic campaigns across marketing channels.

See below for a sneak peak, and get the full PDF delivered to your inbox now. ✉️

Australian apparel retailer Cotton On is taking the aesthetic and laid-back lifestyle of its homeland and making it accessible to the global market. Because, who wouldn’t want to live like an Aussie?

Cotton On’s preferred place to spread the good word about its apparel is on Instagram. But with over 3.5 billion likes happening across Instagram each day, the social team at Cotton On knows it takes more than just a pretty picture to rise above the noise and outperform competitors. The brand’s social media team had strong instincts about what images worked, but wanted to be confident in its decisions, and create compelling content faster. So Cotton On revolutionized the way it creates and shares content—with the magic of Dash Hudson.

Dash Hudson’s visual intelligence technology, Vision, collects and analyzes all of a brand’s photos from social and from within its own content management system. Vision is then able to see what items, colors, and visual elements are actually inside an image—not unlike how the human eye sees a photo. It then determines, based on a brand’s recent performance, what types of photos its consumers care about most. This means that brands can know if a photo—be it user-generated content or fresh from a photo shoot—will perform before it’s posted or used in a campaign.

To continue reading, download the case study.

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