Step Aside Pumpkin Spice, New Dash Hudson Spotify Playlists Are Here

Kelsey Skinner
September 12, 2019
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Crisp air, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters are beginning to make their return—so naturally, it’s time to release another round of Dash Hudson Spotify playlists to get us through summer’s final chorus.

Would it even be a Spotify playlist launch without a little Oprah? 💃

In case you’re new here, each of our playlists represent a task or feature in the Dash Hudson platform (catch them all here). From 2000s pop hits to help you analyze your Likehop data to feel-good anthems for when you’re nose-deep in replying to comments in Community Manager, we have all the tunes to keep you focused while getting down to your daily visual marketing business.

Bring on the latest in Dash Hudson tunes. 👇


One of our first-ever Spotify playlists, SCHEDULE & CHILL, is a fam favorite—so fear not, the chill indie vibes aren’t going anywhere. Enter: the scheduling playlist sequel, AUTO-PUBLISH & CHILL. Here’s what you can expect:

[Chill vibes, take two] Auto-publish makes pushing a post live a whole lot easier, but scheduling your brand’s content is still a tedious and strategic job, nonetheless. These soothing chill hits will help you stay focused while you curate, schedule, and repeat.

In this playlist: Part deux of our beloved cerebral mix features songs from Nao, Lana Del Rey, and Lennon Stella. The perfect collection of laid-back beats.


If you’re a Dash Hudson fam member, you know that Vision is always learning. Our visual intelligence technology uncovers the content that your audience cares about most, identifies trends, and provides real-time recommendations on which images and videos to use to drive engagement. Combine your creative acumen with data to deliver imagery that will resonate with your audience, all while maximizing social ROI. Dash Hudson presents: VISION IS ALWAYS VIBING. A playlist with the top-performing songs from over the years. Here’s what you can look forward to:

[Our fav shower sing-alongs] While Vision is analyzing your brand’s content to determine your top performers, let us take you back in time to show you the songs that slayed the charts and were also, well, top performers.

In this playlist: Good vibes, all the time. Tune in for the songs that we’ve all listened to on repeat over the last decade. You’ll hear the likes of Lizzo (duh), Sam Smith, and Adele.

That’s all for now, folks. Now, go enjoy the final days of summer—with our Spotify playlists in-ear, of course. 👋

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