In Conversation with Michelle Plantan of Who What Wear

Haley Durkee
January 24, 2020
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As a brand in the vast digital space of fashion and beauty, how do you figure out what your followers want (what they really, really want)? Just ask Michelle Plantan. We chatted with the executive director of creative strategy and head of social media at Who What Wear about her data-backed approach to social. Peep the video below to learn more.👇

At Who What Wear, good style and accessibility go hand in hand. Millennial and Gen-Z women across the globe flock to their site for the latest trends, celebrity looks, and outfit inspo they can shop in one place. With their own chic line of size-inclusive clothing, clean skincare products, and carefully curated content featuring a host of diverse faces, this is a brand at the apex of fashion and beauty for all.

But “all” is a pretty big scope to cover—so what makes a photo or video worthy of Who What Wear’s coveted social channels? For Michelle, it takes digital data and editorial expertise to craft a 🔥 post that compels her audience to stop mid-scroll and click the link in bio. The brand’s main challenge, she says, is determining the best way to publish and what to prioritize for each channel—and that’s where Dash Hudson comes in.

By leveraging the Instagram insights they need to make these critical decisions, Michelle’s team can source, organize, schedule, and publish content with their best foot forward (most likely in a killer pair of heels). It also allows them to monitor one of their favorite aspects of social: audience collabs and communication. Saving time, money, resources, and producing a greater ROI? We’ll take one of everything, please! Check out the full convo. 👇

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