How a Food Brand Increased its Engagement by Being Authentic [Case Study]

Hélène Heath
February 13, 2019
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Instagram is one helluva brand vehicle. Thank you very much, visual channel extraordinaire. As image composition trends surface, the desire for brands to partake can be strong even if it might not be a great fit. That gravitational pull towards Insta-bait vanity engagement is real.

When users follow a brand on Instagram, it's because they love it for what it is. Straying from your business' core values and ethos is often tempting when you're comparing your activity to the competition, but trust that it's not a long game strategy.

When plant-based protein company ALOHA was confronted with reconciling its brand DNA and the trendy food world on Instagram, it turned to Dash Hudson to crack the code. By tapping into its unique identity and honing in on what resonated most with its audience through the DH tools, ALOHA was able to increase engagement and grow its site traffic... Among other things that you can read about in our hot new case study.

We partnered with ALOHA to track its channel's progress as the team refined its strategy through the various DH functionality. Download the case study now to see what they were able to accomplish by using the right tools and what kind of results they achieved.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The easy and efficient way ALOHA fosters its community.
  • How the team segments content to measure its performance.
  • The way ALOHA creates value for fans with a link-in-bio solution.
  • The engagement increase ALOHA experienced after using the Dash Hudson solution suite.
  • How the brand is able to stay true to its DNA and maintain an engaged following.

Wet your whistle with the short excerpt below, and get the full PDF delivered to your inbox now. 🎬

smoothie bowl

Sensory Saturation

As an up-and-coming food brand, it can be challenging to stand out in such a saturated space. Everywhere you look on social there are drippy ice cream shots and mouthwatering tablescapes to appeal to the senses and to collect double taps. ALOHA needed a way to crack the engagement code and entice followers to the company’s unique offering in a way that would be true to the brand’s DNA.

ALOHA was able to refine its content recipe for success by digging into the performance of the brand’s photos and videos on Instagram. On a monthly basis, the social team at ALOHA uses Dash Hudson Boards to analyze what’s working on the channel.

As a food brand, it just makes sense to be driving to sales conversions online. When we tried Instagram Shopping, the call-out of a shopping bag on a picture of a smoothie bowl just didn’t resonate with our audience. We actually decided to switch back to LikeShop, and now see strong click-throughs on blog posts and recipes!

-Taylor Cronk, Social Media Manager at ALOHA
protein balls

Understanding how to translate your brand's DNA into a successful Instagram strategy that will resonate with your audience is a lot trickier than it sounds. And that's precisely what ALOHA was able to achieve with the help of Dash Hudson.

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