How Top Beauty Brands Are Using Influencer Marketing Platforms in Their Global Strategy

Olivia Fitzpatrick
August 13, 2021
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Influencers have been a core part of beauty brands’ digital strategy since the inception of social media. The ability for brands to work closely with brand champions is invaluable to their word of mouth marketing strategy and social commerce initiatives. 90% of companies said that they believe influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing for their brand, and 75% of them planned to dedicate a specific budget to influencer marketing in 2021. With this in mind, influencer marketing is impossible to ignore. 

The beauty industry has always been innovative and forward-thinking. As one of the first industries to tap into influencers, the trailblazing industry has shaped the influencer marketing landscape. From the earliest celebrity partnerships with brands like Maybelline and CoverGirl, to the rise of YouTube beauty gurus, social influence has always been a core pillar of the beauty industry.

Today, influencer marketing and the beauty industry are innovating in new ways. With the push for more authentic content, beauty brands are starting conversations around photo-retouching in advertising, and partnering with influencers that are a true brand fit in the process. The beauty industry also continues to tap into product reviews and beauty tutorials in the form of video, as social media users consume video content 5x longer than static content on key social channels. TikTok has seen immense growth over the past two years, and beauty brands were some of the first to establish themselves on the channel. All of these initiatives add up to make the beauty industry one of the most influencer-savvy industries of our time. 

Any great influencer strategy requires data to back it up. Top brands are strategic with the influencers they partner with, and expect to see return on their limited marketing dollars. Turning to data and reporting to measure influencer and creator ROI is crucial for global beauty brands to understand the impact of their influencer marketing efforts across different online channels and .

Let’s take a look at some of the ways beauty brands are using influencer marketing platforms, data, and innovative strategies to propel their way to the top. 

MECCA Beauty

Beauty retail giant, MECCA Beauty, is no stranger to influencer marketing. The beauty brand works with influencers in a number of different ways, with the aim to produce the most authentic content. Their content strategy involves content that feels right for MECCA brand touchpoints, as well as the influencers own channels and audiences. The team takes a 360 holistic approach to their influencer strategy, collaborating cross-team and aligning social, events, PR, and content efforts. When it comes to measuring the impact of their influencer initiatives, the team looks to influencer platforms to provide the data they need.

MECCA beauty Dash Hudson testimonial

Kaja Beauty 

Korean beauty brand, Kaja Beauty, is an innovator in the influencer space and has crafted a successful TikTok strategy. With 1.2M followers, the brand has built a cult following on the video sharing app and actively collaborates with beauty creators. The brand incorporates product tutorials into its TikTok content strategy, partnering with organic micro-influencers to create this content. With the authenticity, established audiences, and higher engagement rates that hold true with micro-influencers, this strategy has shown itself to be effective for the global beauty brand. To learn more about average engagement rates for beauty brands, check out Dash Hudson’s 2023 Social Media Benchmarks for Brands.

influencer marketing platforms, Kaja Beauty
Image credit: @darcybylauren via @kajabeauty

The INKEY List

The INKEY List has seen enormous growth on social media due to centering their strategy around community. Creators and influencers are an instrumental part to both their social and wider marketing strategy. Over the past two years, the brand has seen +598% growth on Instagram by utilizing new areas of the app and measuring the impact of their influencer initiatives. The brand taps into Dash Hudson’s influencer marketing platforms to source, measure and manage their influencer strategy. The seamless workflow of a platform and ability to keep a pulse on the success of their efforts is what ultimately allows the brand to maintain a +110% higher engagement rate than the skincare industry average.

“Over the years, Dash Hudson has enabled us to identify hundreds of creators (both micro and macro) that we’ve wanted to work with, based on insights pulled from the ‘UGC’ and ‘Relationships’ tools. These tools have allowed us to keep our community at the heart of our content, build relationships and strengthen our brand awareness” quoted from Kasey Ford, Social Media Manager at The INKEY List

Frank Body

Frank Body combines influencers with social commerce to create a winning strategy using their influencer marketing platforms. The cult skincare brand partners with Australian influencers to create product-focused content across all channels. On Instagram, their strategy incorporates social shopping features, first by repurposing influencer content, and then by linking out to products via Instagram Shop to create a seamless shopping experience. On TikTok, the brand partners with creators on the app and utilizes a link-in-bio solution that allows users to quickly buy products from their TikTok feed. Recently, the beauty brand created a challenge that had users sending them before and after photos using Frank Body products. The result was a plethora of authentic user-generated content for the brand to use across channels, only strengthening its influencer marketing program. It is evident that Frank Body’s influencer strategy has set a precedent for TikTok Australia.

Frank Body customer content
Image credit: @theknittypine via @frank_bod

For more insight on how to use influencer marketing platforms to craft and measure a global influencer strategy, take a look at Relationships, our influencer marketing measurement solution, and request a demo today.

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