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In Conversation With Kelsey Simmons From Clique

Hélène Heath
February 23, 2018
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The name Clique may not ring a bell, but it's the powerhouse behind rad brands you're undoubtedly plenty familiar with, like Who What Wear, Byrdie Beauty, and MyDomaine. The key to their success? Data analysis.

We chatted with one of their experts, Kelsey Simmons, to learn more about Clique's process. Here's the interview.

The Clique group (previously CMG or Clique Media Group) has always been ahead of the curve. It's part of the company's roots, when two boss fashion editors identified the internet as the next platform for the industry, and began the brilliant, ahead-of-its-time Who What Wear. Fast forward to 2018 and the now conglomerate harbors six media brands, two consumer brands, and one booming influencer marketing network.


Clique did not rise to the top of the social game by resting on its laurels. The company has always been proactive in pursuing new opportunities by keeping its ear to the ground for new technologies and prioritizing data-driven marketing. That's how Clique and Dash Hudson came to become partners a couple of years ago, and continue to strive for total social media optimization.

In order to do so, Clique has armed itself with a battalion of whip-smart employees who are passionate about data marketing. Enter Kelsey Simmons, the company's senior business intelligence analyst, who specializes in reporting for both the consumer brands and social media. Her role ensures that Clique's portfolio is performing as well as it can on Instagram thanks to strategic decisions informed by insights from the Dash Hudson platform.

Clique Media Group, Dash Hudson, social media expert, computer vision, Kelsey Simmons

Byrdie Beauty's use of data marketing takes it home for Clique.

Instagram is more important than ever for each company housed under the Clique umbrella. It's where their girl spends a lot of her time getting most of her information and discovering new products. The content output for all of Clique's brands has to fulfill those demands, and data driven creative assets are now rendered even more optimal with the help of Dash Hudson's AI-powered software Vision. We saw the difference it made when Byrdie Beauty put it to the test.

Using Vision ensures that the social media marketing topics picked up by Clique's strategists and editors are going to be engaging and high-performing, every single time. To learn more about the process, we asked Kelsey some burning questions about Instagram data analysis, why the channel is so important, and what it entails to keep consumers engaged.

Check out our chat below!

Now do yourself a favor and go give all of Clique's brands a follow. Your life will have more meaning:

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