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In Conversation with the MVMT Social Media Team

Hélène Heath
January 16, 2019
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Modern timepiece-turned-lifestyle brand MVMT has been helping busy world denizens track their stylish lives without breaking the bank since 2013. We caught up with Robbie Snader and Emme Strickland from the MVMT social media team to learn more about how they use Instagram to create that epic brand universe on Instagram.

mvmt social media team

MVMT is one of those unicorns that burst onto the Instagram scene a few years ago after reaching a crowd-funded monetary goal—and took it by storm, to say the least. The growth it experienced in a short amount of time is the kind every marketer dreams of, especially the part about having mainly stuck to social media to gain awareness and market equity.

With a democratic fashion philosophy, MVMT set out to bring stylish, high-quality timepieces to the masses, building a vast network of influencer relationships as it scaled. Having started as a trendy accessories brand, it's become a full-fledged lifestyle company, where audiences can count on its Instagram account to bring all of those aspirational feels.

Having all of their creative assets live on Instagram enables the MVMT social media team to have a bird's eye view of the brand's visual world. To manage it all, Emme and Robbie use the Dash Hudson tools suite, which helps them with everything for the day-to-day management to the pic picture, high-level stuff.

We caught up with them at their Los Angeles headquarters to chat all things MVMT social media strategy. They revealed their approach and how DH makes their jobs so much easier. Hit play below to watch the interview!

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