Fresh Dash Hudson Spotify Playlists to Kick Off Your Summer Right

Kelsey Skinner
June 6, 2019
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Summer is slowly but surely making its debut, and we all know that having a go-to Spotify playlist for when you’re sitting by the pool is a lifesaver. But who’s thinking about the social media hustlers that are posting, commenting, and scheduling all summer long? We are.

*Another dose of jams to get the job done coming your way.*👇

*Cue our usual ‘Oprah dancing at a photoshoot’ video.* ▶️

Every couple of months, our marketing squad sits down and curates top-notch playlists for digital doers to listen to—but there’s a Dash Hudson twist...

Each playlist represents a task or feature in the Dash Hudson platform. From feel-good tunes to help you reply to comments in Community Manager, to smooth R&B hits curated to make planning and analyzing Stories content that much easier, we have all the tunes to keep you focused and having fun while getting down to your everyday IG business.

CD 01 Track 01 Now Playing. 💿

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[2000s pop hits] For those days spent on your Sidekick (remember those?!) checking out your LikeShop analytics, adding links, and measuring performance. Get in, loser, we’re going LikeShopping.

What to expect: This playlist not only takes you back in time to those nostalgic double-zero days, but will also help you keep your head in the game when analyzing content performance in LikeShop. Tune in to hear hits from the Spice Girls, *NSYNC, and Destiny’s Child—need we say more?


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[Butterflies + a good beat] The IG equivalent of that smile you can’t get off your face after the first date? Finding the perfect influencer while sorting through your UGC. Keep that fluttery feeling going with this playlist as you update your relationship status in your bio + in Dash Hudson's Relationship tool.

What to expect: Finding and monitoring the best influencers to help spread the word about your brand is crucial. This playlist was built to keep those butterflies alive long after the first date, and keep you sharp while scoping in our Relationship measurement tool.

Eject Dash Hudson Spotify Playlists CD. ⏏️

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