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WEBINAR ALERT! How to Bridge the Gap Between Organic and Paid Social

Hélène Heath
January 23, 2019
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Learn how your team can bridge the gap between organic and paid social from our very own senior marketing manager, Michaela Atkinson, as she chats to Elite SEM's Natasha Blumenkron and CPC Strategy's Brent Villiott in a not-to-be-missed webinar. It's all happening Wednesday, February 6th at 2 PM ET.

Below is a brief rundown and how to sign up to learn it all. 🤓💸

paid social

Two weeks ago, we revealed our seven marketing predictions for 2019. One of them was the fact that paid social was going to climb to the top of the priority list. More precisely: "Paid social is going to be of equal importance to organic."

The world of Instagram marketing is in constant flux, and it's up to brands to keep track of the incessant changes and adapt their strategies accordingly. For better or worse, paid social has emerged as the next bandwagon all marketers should hop on. And it's happening now. Whereas social media once presented brands with an organic marketing opportunity, the territory has reached a point of saturation, creating a fertile ground for money-backed growth.

Dash Hudson's senior marketing manager, Michaela Atkinson, will be discussing the ins and outs of a paid social strategy during a webinar with experts from Elite SEM and CPC Strategy. They'll be chatting about everything from the state of affairs, to tactically integrating paid efforts into an ongoing organic game plan, to helping companies narrow in on what works for them.

They'll also be addressing the concerns brands have about social channels becoming a pay-to-play space, as well as how they can actually leverage these changes to their advantage. Defining what paid social actually is and aligning that strategy with the already awesome stuff brands have got going on is inevitably going to help them reach new heights.

Here are some of the key points the experts will be discussing:

  • The ever-changing world of Instagram and how to use that evolution to elevate paid and organic strategies.
  • Why brands should look to organic data to inform paid efforts.
  • How organic creative assets can be used to improve the performance of paid social.
  • How paid social's quantifiable results can also be leveraged for organic content.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 6th at 2PM ET and sign up here. See you there!

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