3 Photo Tools for a Killer Instagram Gallery

Hélène Heath
July 6, 2015
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I’ve bore witness to too many horrifying Instagram accounts and I am all about spreading my knowledge, so today is your lucky day. I am sharing some killer tools readily available to any mere mortal via the app store to give your Insta-gallery the kick it needs to get all of them double taps that currently feel so elusive.

VSCO Cam: the holy grail of photo filters.

Photo-editing is the key to a beautifully curated Instagram gallery. Most All of the shots you take need a little sprucing, whether it’s color enhancement, straightening, a subtle filter, cropping, etc. While the folks behind your favorite social media platform have made strides to keep up with the superior editing applications out there, Instagram filters are still basically photo grim reapers. Here’s a list of some great apps to download immediately.

Look for this logo and never post a bad pic again.


Ever wonder how some people’s accounts have this miraculous even color palette with photos that have a perfect enhanced-but-not-overly-so balance? That’s because they’re using VSCO Cam, also known as the holy grail of filter apps.

If you’re one of those people who actually use the built-in Instagram filters, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT THIS SECOND. Do some edits with VSCO and you’ll be a step ahead of others.

Cost: free for the most part – no need to shell out anything for the initial app acquisition, which comes with their basic filters, but they also have a store where other rad filters are available for purchase.

Afterlight's options run the gamut.


Afterlight is great for many reasons. On top of the ability to modify color/brightness/sharpness/etc balance, the filters are pretty good, and you can layer more than one on a photo, at different strength levels.

It also allows you to put your vertical or horizontal shots into a square without having to crop anything out. They have other features, like fun background shapes, but let’s be honest, those do not a great gallery make.

Cost: free. But you can buy different gimmicky photo add-ons once inside, like polaroid-shaped frames.

Google's photo editing app is true to Google greatness.


This one allows you to go one step further with editing and has a ton of different functions that will make your pictures superior. Their filters are decent, but the winning attribute is the full spectrum of enhancements they permit.

The app is pretty easy to navigate and allows you to compare your edited version with the original photo so you can see where you’re at in the modification process. Plus this is Google's photo app, so you know it's gotta be good.

Cost: free.

Get one or all of these tools and notice a significant difference in the quality of your account. But if you just don’t have a good eye, well, sorry friend, but there’s no app for that.

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