Music to Work to When You’re Mastering Social Media Scheduling Tools

Kelsey Skinner
November 23, 2020
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As Q4 nears its end and marketers are heads-down strategizing for 2021, it’s time to find the right music to work to and enhance productivity. Let Dash Hudson’s curated Spotify playlists be the ultimate soundtrack to your favorite social media scheduling tools.

Video of Oprah dancing

For those in the know, our thoughtfully curated playlists pair perfectly with the features in the Dash Hudson platform. For those days—or every day—spent working from home, tune into Down to Business to keep you focused while getting, well, down to business. Analyzing your LikeShop data? We have a playlist for that, too. Our personal favorites are Auto-Publish & Chill—giving you the smoothest, most chill tunes to keep your head in the game when using our social media scheduling tools. And we can’t forget Story Studio Flow, the ultimate 90s hip-hop compilation to listen to while creating Instagram Stories content. And when you need to take a break from the work day, tune into Twerk From Home—need we say more?

Hit play to enhance your workflow with a custom vibe for all of your day-to-day social tasks. ⏯

Seeing Double

We know you’re busy scheduling posts across social platforms each and every day. Our goal is to help you maximize your time spent in Dash Hudson, freeing up the rest of your day to strategize for the new year.

Enter: Post Duplication. The all-new Post Duplicator saves you time by duplicating an already-scheduled post from one social channel to another, without the need to re-upload the visual and copy over the caption.

To pay tribute to this brand new feature, we curated a playlist of music to work to, featuring some of the world’s most famous song covers—see what we did there?

What to Expect: The Seeing Double playlist includes greatest hits from past to present and their covers. Hear all of your favorites from Dolly Parton, to Blondie, and Aretha.

Multi-Channel Mood

Remember the Schedule & Chill collection? There’s a new addition to the family: Multi-Channel Mood. Like our current Scheduler playlists, Multi-Channel Mood was designed to keep you calm and collected while diving into our cross-channel social media scheduling tools.

What to Expect: Put your headphones on to hear songs from The 1975, Lorde, Goth Babe, and other warm melodies that will keep you focused and calm while your strategizing hat is on.

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