Introducing the Dash Hudson Spotify Playlists

Hélène Heath
February 5, 2019
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Social marketers, lend an ear right here.

Here at Dash Hudson, we're on a never-ending journey to always improve and add to our arsenal of already robust solutions. And that includes having fun along the way, while also injecting some in what most people would consider to be work.

We know how hard you guys grind it out with your social strategies, toiling away in your Dash Hudson Dashboards every single day, getting all that good data you need to forge ahead with the best tactics that stats can inform. Phewf. It ain't easy doing what you do, and we know it. Day in and day out, Dash Hudson is the primary witness of how much goes into your job.

Now back to fun, we figured you could use some jams while you're getting down to business. For that reason, we curated five different playlists in five genres to accompany you through five critical Dash Hudson tasks.

So come for the data and stay for the tunes. Check them out below! Happy listening.

spotify playlists


Soothing indie feels: It’s time to focus and get down to posting schedule business. Hit play on our cerebral mix and zone out into content calendar-building zen.

spotify playlists


90s hip hop: Your Instagram Stories need all the street cred feels they can get, and we’re here to deliver the vibes to get you in that state of mind.

spotify playlists


Electro funk, upbeat vibin': What’s more fun than building Boards with your social content? Building Boards with your social content while getting hyped on beats. Uplifting tunes for an uplifting task.

spotify playlists


Top 40: Your influencers are your brand’s pop stars. Tune into our curated top 40 selection while you’re tallying the results of your campaigns and checking who’s most hype.

spotify playlists


Empowering boss babe anthems: Your fancy Dash Hudson monthly report just landed in your inbox and you need to review it before presenting it to upper management. YOU GOT THIS.

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