DH Interviews with Thought Leaders: Pick Your Pro

Hélène Heath
August 17, 2018
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We've encountered a lot of really great thought leaders thanks to our line of work, and have been lucky to enough to sit down with some of them to pick their brains... All in an effort to bring their priceless knowledge to you, dear readers and fam members.

In the past year and a half, we've conducted over a dozen interviews with some of the industry's brightest minds. We thought we'd consolidate those exchanges into one resource for you to access the wisdom of the pros we've had the privilege to feature.

In reverse chronology, here is the full list of our best conversations.*

Pro: Erin Allweiss, Co-Founder of PR agency No. 29
Story: How to Include Social Media in a Successful PR Strategy: 5 Tips from an Expert
pr strategy

Pro: Casey Zhang, Freelance Creative Consultant & Art Director
Story: Curating Content for the Most Beautiful Instagram Feed: 5 Tips from an Expert
curating content

Pro: Kate Klobe, Director of Content Strategy at Violet Grey
Story: In Conversation With Kate Klobe From Violet Grey
violet grey

Pro: Kelsey Simmons, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Clique
Story: In Conversation With Kelsey Simmons From Clique
clique visual intelligence

Pro: Carolina Clouet, VP of Sales & Channel at Master & Dynamic
Story: How to Crush Your Retail Strategy: 5 Tips From an Expert
retail strategy

Pro: Sarah Owen, Senior Editor at WGSN
Story: A Trend Expert Relays 5 Tips on How to Find the Next Big Thing
trend forecasting

Pro: Mary Kate Pagano, Social Media & Editorial Manager at Master & Dynamic
Story: In Conversation with Mary Kate Pagano From Master & Dynamic
master & dynamic

Pro: Olivia McCurdy-McGee, Marketing Manager at Sakara Life
Story: In Conversation With Olivia McCurdy-McGee from Sakara Life
sakara life

Pro: Julia Casella, Social Media Manager at beautyblender
Story: In Conversation with Julia Casella From beautyblender

Pro: Lindsay Arakawa, Senior Creative Social Strategist (Instagram Manager) at Refinery29
Story: In Conversation with Lindsay Arakawa From Refinery29

Pro: Alyssa Bronander, Senior Content Strategist at Rent the Runway
Story: In Conversation with Alyssa Bronander From Rent the Runway
rent the runway

Pro: Lisa Maynard-Antem, Social Media Manager at Harrods
Story: In Conversation with Lisa Maynard-Atem From Harrods

Pro: Alexandra Amarotico, Social Media Manager at ELOQUII
Story: In Conversation with Alexandra Amarotico From ELOQUII

Pro: Jeffrey Tousey, Social Media Director at Vanity Fair
Story: In Conversation with Jeffrey Tousey of Vanity Fair
vanity fair

Pro: Anna Tran, Brand Director at REVOLVE
Story: In Conversation with Anna Tran of REVOLVE
curating content

*Please note that some of these experts might no longer be in these roles or company stated here.

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