Webinar: Marketing Leadership Spotlight on Shira Feuer, CMO of Trinny London

Olivia Fitzpatrick
May 10, 2021
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Introducing Dash Hudson’s Marketing Leadership Spotlight Series which aims to highlight innovative brands in the digital space and the marketing leaders behind them. In the first instalment of the series Julie Meredith, Vice President of Marketing at Dash Hudson sat down with Shira Feuer, Chief Marketing Officer at premium global beauty brand Trinny London to gain insight on topics like how to stay agile in a rapidly evolving market, the role of data in decision making, and Shira’s incredible career journey. Discover the key takeaways from their conversation, and watch the full digital event here.

fullLearning from the Best in Beauty

As a digital-first brand since day one, the team at Trinny London already had a strong online marketing strategy when the pandemic began. Coupled with the exponential community growth the Trinny London brand has seen over the years, there is much to be learned from this inventive beauty brand, and the leadership behind it. CMO Shira Feuer, comes from a long career in marketing both on the agency-side and with global brands like Burberry and The Walt Disney Company. Attracted to fast-paced environments, she switched over to start-ups a few years ago, eventually landing her in her current role at Trinny London.

A Winning Brand Marketing Strategy

When taking a peek behind the curtain of the Trinny London marketing strategy, it becomes clear that community engagement has been a priority since the brand’s inception. Most marketers only dream of the kind of consumer advocacy that Trinny London has built online. As Shira says, “Our community team, which sits within our marketing team, responds to every single comment and is working every day to engage with our audience across all social channels.” On top of this, the brand also continuously engages with their localized Facebook Groups, called the Trinny Tribes, which has snowballed and accelerated word of mouth marketing. The global pandemic didn’t slow down these interpersonal connections either, as the brand quickly launched virtual appointments where customers could meet with a makeup artist for a consultation, like they would in-store.

Shira also emphasized the importance of data on the marketing team, sharing that the brand has always used numbers to reinforce everything they do across owned and earned initiatives. Setting clear objectives and KPIs helps the team understand what marketing initiatives are working and move at speed.

Insights from a Top Marketer

Shifting to the topic of building winning marketing teams, Shira highlights empowering her team to learn and grow as a top priority. Taking everything she has learned from past roles and incorporating elements that have worked well has been a key factor in building the right team culture and helping her team feel the impact of their work. She details “scrappy, curious and having a growth-mindset” as key traits she looks for in a marketer when assembling her team.  

As with any job, a career in marketing is not exempt from challenges. “Figuring out what motivates me the most and finding the right balance between doing what you love, in an industry that interests you, with people you like, where you can make an impact has been a challenge,” she says, continuing that “it took me a while to figure out that those were the elements I was looking for, and to find them all.” When asked about her biggest career win, Shira credits the team she has built at Trinny London and the success they have built together as something she is really proud of.

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Watch the full 45-minute webinar to gain further insight into the marketing strategy of an innovative beauty brand, and delve into the career journey of the executive marketing leadership behind it.

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