Webinar: Social Strategy, Subcultures, and Storytelling Deep-Dive with Fred Perry

Elise Ngobi
September 23, 2020
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We’re often asked about storytelling to niche audiences, and how that impacts a brand’s social strategy. To answer this question, we sat down with the experts at Fred Perry, Dominique Fenn, Editor, and Alice Roberts, Social Media Manager. Learn about finding your niche on social media, by watching the webinar now.

A Lesson on Branding and Authenticity

It’s not easy being a social media manager right now. We know. Authenticity reigns supreme and finding the balance between product, storytelling, community management and transparency is a challenge. That’s why we invited Fred Perry to speak on this topic with us—as a brand with a deep heritage and global reach that appeals to many different age groups and subcultures, they’re perfectly placed to speak on what it means to be a truly unique brand.

Since the brand’s inception by the tennis icon in 1952, Fred Perry has always done things differently. Fred Perry himself was a pioneer when it came to brand building and working with ambassadors. As Dominique Fenn says, “We’ve built our tone of voice on his personality, he was renowned for being quite a cheeky chap back in the day.” The brand has been shaped by Fred Perry’s ways of doing things, The Shirt comes first, closely followed by authentic storytelling, subcultures and a strong sense of community.

Leaning into Your Identity

Speaking of Fred Perry’s iconic shirt, the piece forms an integral part of the brand’s social strategy and brand identity. “We always come back to the Fred Perry Polo Shirt and, despite it being just one garment, there are so many different ways to wear it, to talk about it, to reinterpret it, and so we’re not afraid to keep telling that story. We’re quite repetitious, and we’ll keep telling those stories again and again, but actually it might be the first time someone is hearing it, or the first time someone is open to hearing it”, Dominique explained. To hear more from Alice and Dominique, click here to watch the full webinar.

Fred Perry appeals to an array of subcultures in ways that young budding brands aspire to. Since the 1950s, each generation has adopted the shirt as a part of British subcultural uniform. When it comes to creating and sharing stories to different niche audiences globally, Dominique said “It’s important to us to export those stories intact with their unique British sense of humour, and that they resonate locally with these different communities globally, because you only get one chance to do that. You want to make sure that they get the true sense of the brand through the content, through visuals, and it’s about connections.”

Tone of voice and visual identity are two elements that have always been important to the brand, but have taken on a renewed presence in Fred Perry’s social strategy. On the topic of tone of voice, Alice told us “We’ve opened up the conversation and are adapting our tone of voice to be more transparent and open. We’ve been showing how we directly work with our ambassadors and calling on our fans to create playlists and sharing those, so I think [our audience] is feeling more involved and in turn, that is opening up our community even more.” This sentiment shows that in times like these, creating a two-way dialogue with your audience can lead to deeper connections.

Embracing Community

The Fred Perry audience is unique in many ways, and the team are meticulous when it comes to building relationships in the right places, with the right people. “It’s all about having the right people in our community, we’re not chasing a number. It’s more about the quality than the quantity. Our strategy is to work with people who stand for something and have something to say, and who’s values align with what we believe in as a brand, so it speaks volumes about who we are.” Alice explained.

Watch the full 45-minute webinar for actional tips you can use to support your social strategy and drive business results.

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