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With Instagam basically serving as a second storefront for apparel brands, engaging content is necessary to influence your audience’s purchasing decisions. Dash Hudson gives you the tools to perfect your content strategy, drive engagement, and convert your stylish fans into customers.

Fashion Industry

Instagram has transformed the ultra competitive fashion landscape. It’s no secret that social media has become intrinsic to the success of modern apparel brands. Visual marketing platforms like Instagram have enabled fashion businesses to craft their brand journey and connect with consumers, while also increasing distribution, exposure, and equity. We dove deep into the top 100 apparel brands on Instagram to deliver you the most important KPIs to help guide your strategy and goals.

2022 Fashion Instagram Benchmarks:
Embracing social commerce in the digital era of fashion

Get the KPIs that will help you understand your current numbers, and guide strategy and goals in 2022.

Avg. Effectiveness Rate for Established Brands
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Drive Performance and ROI.


Predict, measure, and enhance your brand’s engagement on Instagram.


Increase revenue from Instagram by 5x in less than a month.


Measure the ROI of ambassadors, influencers, and gifting programs.
"Dash Hudson is integral to the success of social at Rent the Runway. Not only has it increased efficiency in content curation and reporting, but it has been a catalyst for community content use across our marketing channels. Dash Hudson has increased internal collaboration significantly."
Alyssa Bronander,
Senior Manager of Growth

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