In Conversation with Fresh Beauty's Taylor Branson

Hélène Heath
September 14, 2018
Last Updated On
March 4, 2022

The Fresh beauty Instagram account is what skincare dreams are made of, and the Manager of Global Social Media Taylor Branson runs that show. We chatted with her about how the brand is able to build its fun and sensorial narrative on the channel with the help of Dash Hudson.

Bottle of Fresh 'rose morning' eau de parfum

To be a beauty brand these days means much more than just mindlessly hawking products. It's about creating a world and an experience through visual social channels like Instagram that consumers can immerse themselves in and connect with. This is a concept that Fresh cosmetics has nailed, and continues to excel at thanks to a robust global marketing strategy that highly prioritizes these mediums.

Fresh Beauty Brand Marketing Strategy

The Fresh cosmetics Instagram approach perfectly encapsulates the essence of its company image and values. Its visuals tell the Fresh story, each one contributing to its thoughtfully crafted narrative. One glance at the beauty leader's feed takes the audience on the unmistakable brand journey. Beautiful creative assets assert their position as an approachable yet luxurious sensorial experience, instantly drawing followers into its world.

Fresh transcends North American borders, with markets in countries all over the world. It's Taylor Branson's job as Global Social Media Manager to hone that great visual storytelling, making sure that the brand's broad outlook is creatively represented in its social narrative. She runs the @freshbeauty Instagram account, and we sat down with her to learn more about the vision, how all that great content comes together, and how she tackles the beauty brand marketing strategy to ensure the assets resonate with fans.

The Fresh Instagram engagement is incredibly high, something the brand is able to both generate and monitor with the help of data partner Dash Hudson. "Data speaks louder than opinions," mentions Taylor, which is precisely why she relies on the tool to inform all of her social decisions—whether they relate to content or crunching growth numbers.

Hit play below to see her explain Fresh beauty's social point of view and how she uses Dash Hudson daily to take all things Instagram to the next level.

Time to give Fresh a follow if you don't already. Your senses will thank you.

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