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Understand the Social Media Landscape With Visual-First Social Listening

With social listening, surface visual trends, see competitors’ strategies, measure audience and UGC sentiment, and create easy-to-use reports for your brand, product, or campaign.

Social lIstening dashboard

Social listening Trends

Visual Content Is at the Heart of Engagement and Conversation on Social Media

Without social listening and looking at visual trends driving the conversation, half of the context is already lost. Dash Hudson’s social listening tools give you the full picture to make data-backed decisions.

Posts that include visuals outperform text-only posts and are most effective at driving engagement by up to 150%.

*2023 Internal Study

Social Listening Trends dashboard example

SOcial listening Solution

Become the Authority on What’s Trending

The first social listening solution built for the way your customers communicate on social media today. Surface the most relevant conversations happening on social via video, images, and text posts without sifting through the noise that traditional social listening solutions bring.

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Flamingo Cut Their Reporting Time by 50%

See how Flamingo uses Dash Hudson to surface UGC content and gain a better understanding of their customers’ related interests.

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“We really lean into gaining access to UGC via Dash Hudson as it makes it wildly easy to download, store, and upload to our Library and assess how this content might perform for us with Vision. It has also been helpful to see how people utilize our product, what other products are in their lineups, their other related interests, and beyond.”

Chelsea Trout
Social Media Manager at Flamingo

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