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Four walls are no longer a necessity in the retail industry with Instagram acting as a second storefront for many brands. Dash Hudson amplifies your approach to social by helping you capitalize on today’s online shopping obsessed generation, and building your brand while you're at it. Cha-ching.

Retail Industry

The retail world is truly one of a kind. Trends change rapidly, consumers are more empowered than ever, and e-commerce has changed the game. Savvy leaders in the industry are evolving their product offering and social strategy to keep up with today’s consumer demands. Visual marketing platforms have become retail brands’ go-to channel for new product drops and generating overnight hype for campaigns. Dash Hudson took a deep dive into the 100 most followed retail brands to provide benchmark KPIs that will help guide your goals moving forward.

2023 Retail Industry Social Media Benchmarks

Uncover which KPIs are critical to brands’ social strategies and learn how leading brands are staying ahead of the competition.

Average Monthly Growth Rate for TikTok Followers
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"We have seen a big increase in engagement using Dash Hudson. The user interface makes it so easy to judge why you had a great week, and how you can repeat that success. It also reveals what those moments were that lead you to such an incredible engagement rate. It makes it so easy to take the learnings and put them into action."
Mariah Fox,
Former Global Social Media Manager

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