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DIY home renovations are one thing, DIY social media marketing is another. Even the best of the best need a little help when it comes to perfecting your visual marketing strategy. Dash Hudson takes care of the insights you need to drive performance on social. Design and data under one roof—what could be better?

Home Decor Industry

From dream kitchen inspo to organization hacks, home brands are curating their content strategies to serve up the design inspiration homeowners crave, regardless of their budgets. Leaders in the industry understand how to curate spaces that tell a story through a single photo or video, and leverage their fan’s content that showcases their own spaces. Dash Hudson dives deep into the KPIs home brands care about most, to provide you with the industry standards to help guide your strategy and goals.

2022 Home Instagram Benchmarks:
Community-driven content strategies to reach new audiences

Get the KPIs that will help you understand your current numbers, and guide strategy and goals in 2022.

Avg. Effectiveness Rate for Established Brands
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Increase revenue from Instagram by 5x in less than a month. Put your content to work.

Earned Content

Surface the highest quality community content in which you are featured.
"House Beautiful's followers have grown by 36% in just six months of using Dash Hudson."
Olivia Heath,
Digital Editor

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