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How 1stDibs Prioritized Social Engagement to Grow Website CTR by 80%

The home brand leverages Dash Hudson to gain a deep understanding of content performance, identify what resonates with its audience, and increase visitors to its website.

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How 1stDibs Prioritized Social Engagement to Grow Website CTR by 80%

The home brand leverages Dash Hudson to gain a deep understanding of content performance, identify what resonates with its audience, and increase visitors to its website.

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1stDibs Case Study

Discover how 1stDibs uses Dash Hudson’s comprehensive insights to:

  • Analyze content performance in real-time to identify trends in the highly competitive home market, enabling the team to be more agile and adjust strategies for optimal performance.
  • Double down on storytelling through video and use it to learn about performance and benchmark against other platforms.
  • Increase website visitors using Dash Hudson’s LikeShop feature.

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growth in Average Organic Effectiveness on Instagram*


more Organic Instagram video views*


increase in LikeShop clicks*
*in Q2 2022 compared to Q1 2022

1stDibs’ Challenge

1stDibs is a leading online marketplace that connects design lovers to beautiful pieces such as home furnishings, decor, art and jewelry. For the last decade, 1stDibs has successfully leveraged social media for brand awareness and customer acquisition in pursuit of enriching lives through extraordinary design. As the world awakens to its post-pandemic norm, the past year has proven challenging for the home industry as fewer people spend time decorating their homes. This required 1stDibs to get creative with its approach and amplify its efforts to produce content that resonates with a wide range of audiences while humanizing its brand. With Dash Hudson's insights, the 1stDibs social team is developing a winning social strategy, crediting seamless access to key content analytics as a guide and enabling them to adapt.

Using Insights To Identify and Invest in the Best Content

Much of 1stDibs’ marketing strategy focuses on looking back at what worked and didn’t from the previous year and adjusting strategies to optimize performance. To ensure 1stDibs stands out from its competitors, the social media team must consider what and how they communicate across platforms to inspire customers to move from scroll to checkout. With the help of Dash Hudson’s Boards feature, the team can measure the performance at campaign level as well as on an ongoing basis across channels on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

As part of its efforts to review the trend lines of the past year from both a high-level and top-performing content perspective and understand whether certain influencer partnerships have delivered the ROI expected, the 1stDibs team also leans on Dash Hudson's Dashboards tool. A further analysis of influencer metrics is obtained through the Relationships feature, which provides perspective on how many followers were gained by the relationship and its estimated earned media value.

"We lean on Dash Hudson’s Dashboards to look at the trend lines of the last year from a high level, top-performing content, and whether certain influencer partnerships resulted in what we expected in terms of ROI.”

Jessica Gatdula,
Senior Manager, Social Media at 1stDibs

The Right Analytics for Video Storytelling

As a result of the analytics provided by Dash Hudson, 1stDibs can identify high potential areas for future content. With video content becoming the dominant format, users have moved away from static images, making it critical for the home industry to immerse people in more dynamic digital environments. 1stDibs has recognized this shift and has spent the past year focusing on producing long-form and short-form videos with storytelling at its core.

24.8% more Organic Instagram video views in Q2 2022 compared to Q1 2022

1stDibs is paying increased attention to its video strategy as its been reported that video strategy can prove 72% more effective at driving e-commerce sales than traditional channels like TV. As such, the team has to ensure that it delivers short-form videos most effectively while sending out the right message and hitting the target audience who could potentially convert. This approach is paying off, as 1stDibs’ organic Instagram video views grew by more than 24% in Q2 2022 compared to Q1 2022. With everything from home tours and museum tours to interviews with design enthusiasts, the team is finding success by experimenting with videos on the platform while staying true to its core philosophy.

Additionally, Dash Hudson's YouTube insights provide a comprehensive view of its YouTube content strategy, allowing it to enhance engagement and discoverability while comparing its video performance with other platforms.

"Dash Hudson now includes YouTube analytics as well. With this recent add-on, it’s much easier for us to digest performance and compare video views against other platforms like Instagram and Facebook."

Jessica Gatdula,
Senior Manager, Social Media at 1stDibs

Converting Followers Into Customers 

1stDibs’ social strategy is rooted in top-of-funnel marketing campaigns. Primarily, the team aims to promote brand awareness, drive interest and consideration toward the brand, enrich relationships with existing and aspiring customers, and celebrate its community of design enthusiasts. As a result of this authentic approach–where relationships and engagement take center stage, the brand can then drive site traffic and convert to e-commerce sales successfully.

LikeShop, Dash Hudson's link in bio solution, plays a key role in this effort. In seconds, users can switch from 1stDibs' social feeds to its product pages, allowing for a smooth shopping experience. The team can track the path to checkout and determine what content generates the most purchase intent.

“It’s critical for any brand page to have a “link in bio,” and LikeShop makes it easy to incorporate such a link into our site experience vs. populating as a separate page. Through LikeShop, we are able to drive new users, site traffic, GMV, and overall brand awareness back to

Jessica Gatdula,
Senior Manager, Social Media at 1stDibs

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What We Can Learn From 1stDibs’ Social Strategy

Stay Agile

Be open to exploring new content formats and look at the bigger picture

Engagement Reigns Supreme

If you want to convert followers into customers, prioritize authentic community engagement first

Be Data-Driven

Analyze content performance trends consistently to help inform a bullet-proof social strategy

Pro Tips To Maximize Dash Hudson Tools To Drive Business ROI

  • Utilize LikeShop to capture new audiences, enhance your digital strategy and create frictionless customer journeys.
  • Leverage YouTube Insights to analyze your performance easily, and deepen your engagement and discoverability across all key channels.
  • Take advantage of the Boards feature to measure the performance of your content at campaign and channel levels, ensuring you have all the information you need to make smart decisions about future campaigns.

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