The Dash Hudson API

All of the power of Dash Hudson data with the freedom and flexibility of your internal resources. Using our API, brands can integrate data from Dash Hudson with external systems or applications.

Dash Hudson API display your way dashboard

Display Your Way

Serve your team information exactly when, where, and how you want them to see it. While Dash Hudson is built to serve insights and analytics in an intuitive, user-friendly way within the platform, the Dash Hudson API provides even greater flexibility for brands.

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Dash Hudson API customize

Curation and Customization

Using the Dash Hudson API provides further customization options that can be created and executed by your internal team, while leveraging the insights and content you’re receiving from our platform.

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Level up Internal Tools

Integrating two applications your team is already using can be a game-changer. Centralize your most important data by feeding the insights and metrics from Dash Hudson into any business tool your team is using.

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Get Support Whenever You Need

Contact us to learn more about integrating the Dash Hudson API into your workflow or check out our documentation.