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Leading CPG, Food, and Beverage brands leverage Dash Hudson to harness the power of social, identify and predict high-performing content, and increase engagement with their community.

The Benchmarks CPG, Food, and Beverage Brands Need To Maximize Social ROI

Optimize your Food Industry marketing and CPG brand marketing with Dash Hudson's social media benchmarks. Our CPG, Food and Beverage Benchmarks provide KPIs relevant to the industry, gleaned from a deep dive into the most notable brands on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Use this data to guide your content marketing strategy and achieve your goals in the competitive CPG Industry.


The average monthly growth rate for TikTok followers for CPG and Food brands.


The average amount of video views for CPG, Food, and Beverage brands on YouTube.


The average Entertainment Score of CPG and Food brands on Reels.

Uncover which KPIs are critical to successful CPG, Food and Beverage brands’ social strategies and how they’re staying ahead of the competition.

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Increase in organic video views on Instagram

“Our approach to entertainment-based content is deliberate but also organic. Fans already provide amazing content, but it's also a valuable insight we actively tap into. Ultimately, people want to see cool Food content and learn how to make something. As a result, how we show up in that content is by recreating what we see—it's holding up a mirror to what people are already saying. The goal is to generate engagement through entertaining content that people will want to share and create.”

Stephanie Zhang 

Associate Brands Manager (Operations) at Talenti

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Mix and Match Features for the Best Result 

Dash Hudson offers the key ingredient to succeed in food brand marketing and CPG brand marketing on social media. Our insights empower social media managers in the CPG Industry and Food Industry marketing to create innovative campaigns and surface meaningful insights. Use our recipe for success on social to craft your own unique approach and achieve your marketing goals.

Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for CPG and Food brands to schedule their perfectly curated content for their most important channels.

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Easily connect with and understand your influencer relationships. CPG and Food brands can seamlessly measure ROI, discover which posts drive engagement and maximize the impact of your spending with Dash Hudson’s Relationships.

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Fully integrated into the Dash Hudson platform, Library allows CPG and Food brands to visually search content, create galleries and leverage performance predictions to understand what will drive the best results on social before even posting.

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