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Turn Connections Into Conversions

Social media is no longer just an option but a cornerstone for B2B brands’ marketing success. Leaders in B2B know that social media’s impact is vital. They turn to Dash Hudson to aid in analysis, ideation and more when it comes to their most important campaigns and strategies.

The Benchmarks B2B Industry Brands Need To Maximize Social ROI

Refine your B2B industry marketing strategy with Dash Hudson's B2B Industry Benchmarks. Gain insights from our in-depth analysis of the most notable B2B brands on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and access relevant benchmark KPIs to inform your brand marketing goals.


The average engagement rate on TikTok for B2B industry brands.


The average amount of video views for B2B brands on YouTube.


The average monthly follower growth rate on Instagram for B2B brands.

Uncover which KPIs are critical to successful B2B industry marketing strategies and how they’re staying ahead of the competition.

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Boost Your Brand on Social

While social media may not be the most traditional marketing tactic for brands in the B2B industry, it’s a foolproof way to ensure you’re reaching all of the right people. Dash Hudson’s suite of powerful features allows B2B brands to create a seamless experience for users on and off social.


Measurement and agility are the most important aspects of any B2B brand’s strategy. Analyze and report on multiple channels and brands in one easy-to-use tool to leverage only the metrics that matter most.

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Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for brands in the B2B industry to schedule content for their most important channels.

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Fully integrated into the Dash Hudson platform, Library allows B2B brands to visually search content, create galleries and leverage performance predictions to understand what will drive the best results on social before posting.

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