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Social media is imperative to the success of modern Jewelry, Luxury and Fashion Industry marketing strategies. Dash Hudson enables brands to craft their customer journey on social and connect with consumers, while also increasing exposure and equity

The Benchmarks Fashion and Luxury Brands Need To Maximize Social ROI

Guide your strategy and goals moving forward with Dash Hudson’s Fashion and Luxury brand marketing Benchmarks. Dash Hudson took a deep dive into the most notable Fashion and Luxury brands on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, including jewelry brands, to provide relevant benchmark KPIs.


The average monthly growth rate for TikTok followers for Fashion and Luxury brands.


The average amount of video views for Fashion and Luxury brands on YouTube.


The average Entertainment Score of Fashion and Luxury brands on Reels.

Uncover the key KPIs for successful marketing in the Fashion Industry or Luxury brand marketing, and gain insights into how top brands stay ahead of the competition with their social media strategies

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Increase in new Instagram followers using Dash Hudson

"When it comes to pulling stats, Dash Hudson is the best way we do it. We look at stats on a monthly basis to help inform our future decisions. If we had to pull stats manually, we’d need to sit there with a calculator. It would take forever. There are stats that we would never be able to calculate. Dash Hudson saves so much time. In the past, we didn’t have anything that was nearly this powerful, and we were having to do a lot of manual work. Now we can pull stats, and it’s no problem."

Alayna Giovannitti
Associate Director of Social Media, Urban Outfitters

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Elevate your Jewelry, Fashion or Luxury brand marketing with Dash Hudson's complete suite of content strategy tools. Using our rich content and audience insights, you can maintain control and steer the conversation around your brand.


Easily connect with and understand your influencer relationships. Fashion and Luxury brands can seamlessly measure ROI, discover which posts drive engagement and maximize the impact of your spending with Dash Hudson’s Relationships.

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Fully integrated into the Dash Hudson platform, Library allows Fashion and Luxury brands to visually search content, create galleries and leverage performance predictions to understand what will drive the best results on social before even posting.

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Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for Fashion and Luxury brands to schedule their content for their most important channels.

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