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Balmain Leads the Way with Entertaining Luxury Marketing

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Balmain Leads the Way with Entertaining Luxury Marketing

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Balmain Marketing Strategy

Discover how the Balmain marketing strategy:

  • Leverages deep social insights to build a successful entertainment strategy
  • Analyzes the effectiveness and ROI of creator relationships
  • Uses creative intelligence to make data-driven decisions about photo and video content

Dash Hudson Products Used

Dashboards and Reporting

Use Cases

Creative Intelligence | Social Commerce | Reporting, Insights, and Trends | Influencer and Creator ROI



Increase in website clicks in Balmain’s first year using Dash Hudson


Higher effectiveness rate than the luxury industry average

Balmain’s Marketing Strategy is Entertainment

Simply put, entertainment is the strategy of luxury fashion house Balmain. The revolutionary Parisian brand ushered in a new era of fashion in the mid-century, and it continues to raise the bar for luxury brands as a creative pioneer. Balmain captivates audiences with a marketing strategy built for the era of social entertainment, understanding what it takes to drive engagement in the next generation of social media.

"Entertainment is our strategy. The team was formed because our CMO wanted to hire from the entertainment industry, and not just from the fashion industry. This helps us create content that will speak to our audience today and in the future."

Jeremy Macé,
Head of Digital Marketing
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