Relatable Content and Audience Insights: How Cocokind Wins on TikTok

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TikTok Insights for Sophisticated Marketers

Cocokind is a conscious skincare brand that leads with its strong values, including sustainability, affordability, and cruelty-free products. The competitive landscape in the skincare category has evolved on multiple fronts, as the sales explosion spurred by the pandemic has plateaued, and at the same time, the status quo for marketers has shifted towards entertainment platforms, such as TikTok. Consumers do not respond to static and aspirational content as they once did, and relatable short-form video has become the leading strategy for building brand love. However, this new format poses several challenges for Cocokind. Discover how Cocokind uses Dash Hudson, TikTok Content Marketing Partner, to win on TikTok.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to fit TikTok into your existing workflows and report on performance without adding complexity
  • How to level up your reporting with customizable visual insights—no more spreadsheets needed
  • How Dash Hudson’s Entertainment Score allows you to benchmark your top-performing TikToks and guide your content creation
Read the Case Study

“Creators who do not fall under the traditional influencer bucket are garnering massive amounts of views on TikTok. People are interested in them based on their relatability, humor, and perspective on a given subject matter. What we’re seeing is the idea of an influencer evolving into something that puts aspiration in the backseat. As a result, this has set the scene for how brands need to think about their content."

Lauren Bliss,

Director of Social Media

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