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The Beauty and Power of a Balanced Organic and Paid TikTok Marketing Strategy

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 MECCA Brands TikTok Case Study

What you’ll learn:

  • Tools to identify and ideate videos that see better long-term performance on TikTok
  • How to analyze and understand performance across key metrics, and understand trend traction
  • Strategies for building a balanced organic and paid content strategy by optimizing based on data

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Increase in followers on TikTok when running ads in tandem with organic content

How Great Content Leads to ROI

MECCA Brands is Australasia's leading beauty retailer. MECCA uses its digital and physical presence to curate an assortment of high-end beauty brands, combined with a high-touch customer experience. The company takes a similarly curated approach to its TikTok strategy, sharing aesthetic and satisfying video content, in collaboration with creators, brand partners, and original in-house TikToks too. TikTok is a key channel for MECCA, in part because it enables the brand to reach a new audience, many of whom are not found across other social media platforms. However, finding this balance on such a new, ever-evolving channel is no easy feat.

“We’ve seen a real appetite for a variety of beauty content, from bite-sized tutorials, to product tips and tricks, to behind-the-scenes footage. We are using a test and learn approach on the platform, as well as experimenting with video that previously hasn’t had a role within our content offering but we know is resonating with our Gen Z beauty community.”

Hannah Fillis,
Head of Digital Marketing
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