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MECCA’s TikTok Marketing Strategy: Merging Organic and Paid

Learn how MECCA uses its digital and physical presence to curate various high-end beauty brands and takes a similar approach to its organic and paid TikTok marketing strategy.

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MECCA’s TikTok Marketing Strategy: Merging Organic and Paid

Learn how MECCA uses its digital and physical presence to curate various high-end beauty brands and takes a similar approach to its organic and paid TikTok marketing strategy.

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 MECCA Brands TikTok Case Study

Discover how MECCA uses Dash Hudson to:

  • Identify and ideate videos that see better long-term performance on TikTok
  • Analyze and understand performance across key metrics, and understand trend traction
  • Build a balanced organic and paid content strategy by optimizing based on data

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The Power of a Balanced Organic and Paid Strategy

MECCA Brands is Australasia’s leading beauty retailer and uses its digital and physical presence to curate the best in global beauty combined with a high-touch customer experience. The company takes a similarly curated approach to its organic and paid TikTok strategy, sharing aesthetic and satisfying video content, in collaboration with creators, brand partners, and original in-house TikToks too. Finding this balance on such an ever-evolving channel is no easy feat.

Keeping Up With the Speed of Gen Z

TikTok is a key channel for MECCA, in part because it enables the brand to reach a new audience, many of whom are not found across other social media platforms. In Dash Hudson, the marketing team at MECCA analyzes the performance of TikTok content including video views, followers, and engagement rate with week over week, and month-over-month comparisons. These numbers give the team an indication of what content and products are resonating with TikTokers — and most importantly, what content is growing the brand’s reach.

“We’ve seen a real appetite for a variety of beauty content, from bite-sized tutorials to product tips and tricks to behind-the-scenes footage. We are using a test and learn approach on the platform, as well as experimenting with video that previously hasn’t had a role within our content offering but we know is resonating with our Gen Z beauty community.”

Hannah Fillis,
Head of Digital Marketing

Investing in Content and ROI That Lasts

Attaining long-term reach and performance of video content is a key focus for MECCA to connect with new beauty fans and increase ROI from TikTok. The marketing team leverages Dash Hudson’s Trending Videos tool to understand which videos are continuing to gain traction over time, or performing latently, regardless of publish date. This helps the team to identify top-performing creative concepts, trends and how to create great content going forward.

“The way that TikTok works based on engagement also means that follower numbers don’t impact the performance of videos, so we can see strong reach and engagement for great content. Unlike other social platforms, TikTok is also brilliant for evergreen content. The lifetime of videos can often be weeks or months, as we see videos continue to reach a new audience over long periods of time.”

Hannah Fillis,
Head of Digital Marketing

The Power of Paid and Organic Working Together

MECCA’s organic and paid TikTok strategies interplay, to support top-performing content. The team is currently leveraging ads to support and amplify trending organic content, to ensure the brand is reaching new audiences, and propelling growth. When MECCA has executed first-to-market activity in partnership with TikTok, the team has noted significant organic growth. MECCA views TikTok as an avenue to not only attract new fans but retain them.

Everything Brands Need to Succeed in One Place 

One of the MECCA team’s favorite aspects of having TikTok Insights in Dash Hudson, is that they now have all of the data and tools they need for all of their social media channels in one place. The flexibility of looking at performance from both a bird’s eye view and granularly empowers MECCA to craft a holistic, balanced digital strategy built for the age of short-form entertainment.

“We love the ability to look at all of our channel metrics in one place. It’s been beneficial to the team to have the kind of information that we’ve loved having for Instagram with Dash Hudson, now for TikTok. We are excited to continue digging into analytics and trends for TikTok with this software!”

Hannah Fillis,
Head of Digital Marketing
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What We Can Learn From MECCA's Strategy

Strategic Balance

MECCA Brands has developed a highly curated and balanced strategy for TikTok. This involves a mix of aesthetic videos, collaborations with creators and brand partners and original in-house content. Their approach is tailored to TikTok's dynamic nature.

Comprehensive Analytics

With Dash Hudson, MECCA can analyze its social media performance across various channels, not just TikTok. This holistic view aids in crafting a balanced digital strategy suited for the era of short-form entertainment.

The Power of Paid and Organic Synergy

MECCA's TikTok strategy seamlessly combines organic and paid content. They've observed that running ads alongside organic content boosts their follower count significantly and this combined approach helps reach new audiences and drive brand growth.

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