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Dash Hudson vs. Sprout Social

Dash Hudson was built for social media managers and their teams. We don't believe you should have to pay more for additional seats.

Trusted by brands of all sizes

Why Choose Dash Hudson?

Designed with the social media manager in mind, Dash Hudson has tailored plans for all team sizes, budgets and needs. Your team will work together seamlessly and save valuable time.

Ease of Use

Dash Hudson is the #1 rated social media marketing platform on G2 for ease of use and user experience.

Actionable Creative Insights

Valuable reporting and insights across your entire workflow, making it easy for teams to test and learn quickly.

UGC and Influencers

Save hours each week sourcing and predicting top-performing UGC and Influencers for social and e-commerce.

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Dash Hudson vs. Sprout Social at a Glance

Entry Level Pricing

Compare Dash Hudson’s entry-level plan Grow with Sprout Social pricing.

1 User
3 Users
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+$199 per each additional user

Learn more about all of Dash Hudson’s plans and try for free.

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Most Popular Features

Compare Dash Hudson’s most popular G2 rated social media marketing features like Post Performance, Campaign Reporting and more as a Sprout Social alternative. 

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Influencer Identification

Identifies who is talking about your brand along with their influence over social communities.



Report Exporting

Allows users to export reports from the product into an .xsl, .csv, or .pdf file.



Report Customizability

Allows user flexibility into manipulating and digging deeper into the data that is provided through the tool.



Campaign Planning

Allows for categorizing or grouping individual posts to streamline social media marketing campaigns.



Campaign Optimization

Identifies trends in social media campaigns, such as optimal posting times, to improve performance.



Post Performance

Tracks how much engagement (views, likes, favorites, retweets, comments, etc.) each piece of content receives to highlight which types of content resonate best with the target audience.



* The above is data sourced by G2 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

Additional Features

Link in Bio

Easily connecting social and sales. A customizable URL for your profile bio that features direct links to products or pages on your website in correlation with your social media feed. 

Scheduling and Publishing

A feature that allows for the creation, scheduling and publishing of social media posts all in one simple and easy-to-use location.

Performance Predictions 

Dash Hudson’s proprietary AI solution helps brands predict and maximize content performance by identifying which photos and videos will drive the highest engagement with your audience.

What Dash Hudson Customers Are Saying

"A game changer for my social media and influencer teams."

customer headhshot
Whitney L.
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
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G2 Review

"The first and only social media tool you need."

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Jordynn W.
Co-Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
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G2 Review

"DH is the fastest, most integrated, and user friendly platform I’ve used yet."

customer headshot
Nyele A.
Social Media Coordinator
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
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G2 Review

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