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Leaders in the Real Estate Industry know what an important role they play in their audience's life. They also understand how integrated social media has become in the buying process. Dash Hudson helps Real Estate brands deeply understand their consumers on social with the metrics that matter most.

Real Estate Industry Statistics

Social media has changed how real estate digital marketing is done in this industry. What was once done more traditionally and in person is now something that can be done almost entirely online. Buyers now use social media as a first step in their journey, whether it be to look for homes or find an agent that is a good fit. 

With Dash Hudson, brands in the Real Estate industry can authentically show up on social media and measure, predict and enhance the performance of their visual content, converting followers into happy clients. 


Percentage of overall budget spent on marketing by the Real Estate industry in 2023. 

Source: Statista

$553.3 billion

The projected revenue of the Real Estate industry in the United States by 2024.

Source: Statista

$1.4 trillion

The combined value of the listed real estate market in North America.

Source: Statista

Make All the Right Moves

Brands in the Real Estate industry have the fortune of being a part of one of the most important decisions a consumer will ever make. Like buying and selling property, your social media management tool should not be a one size fits all solution.

Dash Hudson's robust social media management platform can be tailored to your exact needs and equips brands in the Real Estate industry with everything they need to gather analytics and real-time data, create customizable boards and reports, drive performance and perfect their social strategy.


Stories play a large part in any Real Estate digital marketing. Segment your Stories, measure performance and learn which content drives clicks and engagement with Dash Hudson’s Instagram Stories Insights.

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Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for Real Estate Industry brands to schedule their content for their most important channels.

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Dash Hudson’s Community Manager helps Real Estate brands connect to their audience in real-time, understand the sentiment, and improve overall customer experience.

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