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The best Travel and Tourism brands know how important it is to transport users to their favorite locations using social media. Dash Hudson takes leaders in these industries on new adventures to understand exactly what their audience wants, how to measure performance and foster deeper connections with their community.

Travel Industry Marketing Statistics

Destinations everywhere are seeing unprecedented amounts of travelers ready to get away and relax after a rough couple of years. It is more important than ever for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality brands to have a solid social presence and strategy in place. 

Dash Hudson provides Travel, Tourism and Hospitality brands with the tools they need most to measure, predict and enhance the performance of their visual content, and convert followers into loyal customers.


Percentage of travelers more likely to visit a destination being advertised if it feels tailored to them

Source: Statista

$4.05 billion

Digital advertising spend in the United States by the Travel Industry in 2022

Source: Statist

258 billion

Market size of the hotel and motel sector in the United States in 2022

Source: Statista

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Higher Retention Rate on TikTok than the industry average

“We love using Dash Hudson's TikTok Trending Sounds feature, which gives us a pulse on the latest trends and saves hours searching for the perfect video sound. It also helps us with content ideation and adds an element of relatability and trend-forwardness to our content.”

Paige Tapp
Social Media Manager, BÉIS

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Unpack the Essentials for Your Social Strategy

The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry boasts some of the most loyal customers on and off social. Because of this, becoming a household name in this industry isn’t an easy task.

Dash Hudson's social media management suite equips brands with the tools they need for successful, sustainable travel and tourism marketing, enabling them to drive performance, perfect their social strategy and gain loyal followers.


Leveraging earned content is one of the most important aspects of a Travel, Tourism and Hospitality brand's social media strategy because it helps people see themselves through the lens of others. With Dash Hudson’s Instagram User Generated Content, never miss the most influential posts and to show off new experiences and community created visuals to drive higher engagement.

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Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for Travel brands to schedule their perfectly curated content for their most important channels.

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Dash Hudson’s link-in-bio solution, LikeShop, bridges the gap between social posts and the latest destination for Travel and Tourism brands. Capture new audiences while creating a frictionless customer journey.

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