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Look and Feel Your Best on Social

Leaders in the Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Industry understand how important it is to look and feel good on social media. With Dash Hudson, brands in this sector can dive head-first into what matters most to their audience, form deeper connections by engaging directly with their community and, most importantly, how to report on that performance.

The Benchmarks Brands Need To Maximize Social ROI

Guide your strategy and goals moving forward with Dash Hudson’s Wellness Industry Benchmarks. Dash Hudson took a deep dive into the most notable Health, Wellness and Lifestyle brands on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to provide relevant benchmark KPIs.


The average engagement rate on TikTok for Wellness industry brands.


The average amount of video views for Health and Wellness brands on YouTube.


The average monthly follower growth rate on Instagram for Wellness brands.

Uncover which KPIs are critical to successful Health, Wellness and Lifestyle brands’ social strategies and how they’re staying ahead of the competition.

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Increase in Likes from using Dash Hudson

“Likes and comments have gone through the roof and it has been largely due to the ability to schedule our posts, go back into the archive, or look into strongly performing content and recreate it. To be able to see changes from one month to the next, and then try new strategies—Dash Hudson is the backbone behind that.”

Jordan Hughes
Senior Social Media Manager, Ritual

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Perfect Your Daily Routine 

A well-rounded Health and Wellness routine isn’t just a single element or step. Many aspects come into play to ensure you have all your bases covered. And the same goes for social. 

Dash Hudson's social media management suite equips brands with the tools they need for successful, sustainable health, wellness and lifestyle marketing, enabling them to drive performance and perfect their social strategy.

Multi-Channel Scheduler

Dash Hudson’s multi-channel scheduling solution is the easiest way for Health, Wellness and Lifestyle brands to schedule their perfectly curated content for their most important channels.

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Easily connect with and understand your influencer relationships. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle brands can seamlessly measure ROI, discover which posts drive engagement and maximize their impact of your spending with Dash Hudson’s Relationships.

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Social Listening

Health, Wellness and Lifestyle brands need a tool that helps them understand where the most important conversations are happening and when to jump in. Dash Hudson’s AI-Powered Social Listening solution is built for the way customers are communicating today— pairing data with creative context.

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