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How Dash Hudson Helps Girlfriend Collective Accelerate Audience Growth

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How Dash Hudson Helps Girlfriend Collective Accelerate Audience Growth

How Girlfriend Collective Accelerates Audience Growth

What you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize UGC content for audience growth
  • Tools to track and analyze competitor trends to inspire content that stands out from the rest
  • Methods for streamlining your reporting processes and creating innovative, cross-functional frameworks for social insights

Dash Hudson Products Used

Dashboards and Reporting

Use Cases

Creative Intelligence | Reporting, Insights, and Trends | InfIuencer and Creator ROI | Simplify Workflow and Save Time



Increase in net new followers in 2021


Average engagement rate for flatlay visuals compared to studio shots

Agility in the Athleisure Sector

Girlfriend Collective distinguishes itself from other athleisure brands with its focus on eco-friendly products. Social media is essential for getting the word out about its environmentally-conscious ethos. However, all athleisure brands are present on the same channels, and entering the highly competitive market is no easy feat. This poses several challenges for the brand: how can it scale its growth on fiercely competitive social channels? And how can it position itself apart from its competitors, while also staying agile to market forces?

“Prior to Dash Hudson, monthly reporting required double the time. We used Excel to track performance manually and outsourced a lot of the analytics to our in-house data team. Now that we can access all of our data in one place, we can understand where we stand against our KPIs in real-time.”

Aria Dimalanta,
Social Media Manager
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