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How ba&sh Drove Instagram Growth by Leaning Into Its Community

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How ba&sh Drove Instagram Growth by Leaning Into Its Community

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How Bash Drove Instagram Growth

What you’ll learn:

  • How to glean deep insights from your social channels by segmenting content and data
  • How to effortlessly leverage top-performing UGC for your social channels and identify new influencer partnerships
  • Tactics to grow your e-commerce CTR from social channels with seamless digital shopping experiences

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Growth on social media using Dash Hudson


Higher CTR than the luxury industry average

Marrying Content and Commerce

Historically, the fashion and luxury industries have maintained an aspirational vantage point from consumers. As modern shoppers seek more meaningful connections online, the reality of the accelerated digital retailing landscape has confronted ba&sh with a number of challenges. First, how can ba&sh bridge the gap between the arm’s length of the fashion industry and Instagram’s sense of community? Second, how can the brand maintain its elevated brand positioning, while leaning into more personal conversations to achieve social media growth for the brand?

“The Relationships solution was one of the main reasons we signed up with Dash Hudson. No one else was able to provide as many metrics as we needed when it came to sourcing user-generated content, selecting new influencer partnerships, and measuring the return.”

Emilie Beneteau,
Global Digital Influence & Social Media Director at ba&sh
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