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Customizable Dashboards for Your Most Important Marketing Metrics

Create Dashboards and Reports as agile as your brand’s digital strategy. Analyze and report on multiple channels and brands all within one easy-to-use Dashboard. Leverage our most important metrics, alongside the context required, to make data-backed decisions.

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Metrics That Matter

Eliminate the unnecessary info that distracts and impedes decision making. Ensure every report covers the exact metrics that matter the most to your team, without all the noise.

Reports with Context

Numbers are nothing without context. Create intuitive reports with all the right data in an easy-to-digest format so that your entire team understands performance trends.

One Source of Truth

Your strategy exists across touchpoints and your social media reporting should, too. Need data on content, metrics, or growth? Dashboards is powerful enough for all your reporting needs.
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Reports That Foster Agility

Know your team’s precise progress toward company goals, and if your efforts are driving the results you want. Have the information required to make a quick pivot if needed, with the peace of mind that all your decisions are data-backed and fully informed.

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Customized Social Media Reports

Your campaigns are now omnichannel—your social media reporting solution should be too. Create intuitive and impactful campaign reports that show results and compare across time periods of your choosing. Understand in moments how your current creative direction compares to those of seasons past. All the flexibility with none of the complexity.

Dashboards for Every Situation

No more tedious number crunching and template building each reporting period. Create, duplicate, and modify your Dashboards to suit your social media reporting needs. Make weekly, monthly, quarterly or campaign specific reporting a breeze. Powerful insights give you time back in your day for the creative decisions that make your brand stand out.

dashboards reporting dashboards for every situation

Total Team Alignment

Get the right data to the right people the way they want to receive it and be confident that every team member has insight into key social performance analytics. Share custom built Dashboards directly with your team or set up automated performance insights straight to their inboxes.

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