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Bridge the Gap Between Social and Selling With LikeShop

In one tap, our link in bio solution takes your audience from your Instagram and TikTok posts to your site. The perfect addition to your holistic digital strategy.

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Capture New Audiences

Use your creativity to turn your audience into customers. Track the path to checkout and measure how your entertaining content improves purchase intent.

A Frictionless Customer Journey

Your audience can go from their For You page or Instagram feed to your product pages in seconds for the optimal shopping experience.

A Streamlined Setup

Start driving conversions in less than a minute. Make one connection that will save your team hours of work and create a smooth social shopping experience.

"Love that we're able to feature multiple live links in our Instagram bio through their LikeShop feature. DH allows us to dig deep into our analytics and make data-driven decisions to create more effective social content that resonates with our community."

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#1 Ease of Use and Best Performance
Social Media Management Software

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Make Your Content Convert

Dash Hudson's predictive technology, Vision, to guide your image selection and optimize social media ROI. It’s your data-driven sidekick.

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From Viral to ROI

Go beyond brand awareness and drive web traffic with a shoppable TikTok LikeShop link-in-bio solution. With Dash Hudson’s rich data and insights, you can easily measure how your video content is moving the needle.

Create, Customize, and Convert

Customize your LikeShop so it aligns with the latest trends, your product launches, or your cross-channel campaigns to fully optimize for revenue opportunities.

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Trackable Attribution

Being able to accurately measure attribution across your entire marketing ecosystem is crucial. Customize your LikeShop with custom UTM codes to align your entire digital strategy and know which customer touches contribute to your goals.

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