Facebook Product Catalog Integration

Bring Your Products to the Forefront of Your Social Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, social and e-commerce are more important than ever—and easy access to your products is a critical element of your strategy. Dash Hudson’s Facebook Product Catalog Integration makes it easy to import and access your products, so you can seamlessly tag them across LikeShop, Spirit Galleries, and more. Monetizing your content has never been so simple.

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Your Source of Truth

Never navigate a complicated e-commerce integration again. Access the same Product Feed for your Instagram Shopping Tags, Dash Hudson e-commerce solutions, and other social commerce initiatives.

Put Your Content to Work

Leverage your content to drive customers from social to your site. Give your followers access to multiple products or web pages from just one post.

Streamlined Setup

Get your Product Feed up and running in seconds using our Facebook Product Catalog Integration. One simple connection saves your team hours of work.
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Conversions, Visualized

View which products are generating the most clicks. Discover trends and top channels easily and use them to shape your approach. Better insights = a more impactful e-commerce strategy.

Facebook Product Catalog Conversions, Visualized
Facebook Product Catalog Your Social Commerce Foundation

Your Social Commerce Foundation

Leverage your Product Feed as part of your holistic e-commerce strategy. Take your following from your feed to checkout in one simple step with LikeShop and TikTok link in bio. Educate your audience with links to blog posts, influencer videos, or product pages, and then bring your social strategy full circle with on-site galleries for the most engaging product pages and email campaigns, curated by you.

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