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Ritual Get More Instagram Followers

A Daily Dose of Data: Ritual’s Instagram Remedy

Ritual strived to increase engagement and get more Instagram followers in new target demographics. Learn how they did just that with the help of Dash Hudson.

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A Daily Dose of Data: Ritual’s Instagram Remedy

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Ritual used Dash Hudson to level-up its digital presence
  • How to streamline the content selection process with Boards
  • How to crack the algorithm using Dash Hudson’s Scheduler



Increase in Likes


Increase in Comments

Give Your Social Strategy a Health Check

Modern multivitamin brand Ritual had established itself as a top destination on social for health-conscious women, but wanted a way to jumpstart growth and get more Instagram followers in new demographics. With a strong aesthetic already on lock, the social team knew leveraging historic performance could be key to achieving their goals. But, how? To diagnose performance and build an engaged community, the brand turned to Dash Hudson. The results are in, and a daily dose of the Dash Hudson platform was just what the doctor ordered.

"Likes and comments have gone through the roof and it has been largely due to the ability to schedule our posts, go back into the archive, or look into strongly performing content and recreate it. To be able to see changes from one month to the next, and then try new strategies—Dash Hudson is the backbone behind that."

Jordan Hughes,
Senior Social Media Manager
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