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The Dashboard Stella McCartney Uses to Optimize Social Campaigns

Stella McCartney uses Campaigns from Dash Hudson to optimize its social content, measuring the performance of its content pillars to maximize ROI.

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The Dashboard Stella McCartney Uses to Optimize Social Campaigns

Stella McCartney uses Campaigns from Dash Hudson to optimize its social content, measuring the performance of its content pillars to maximize ROI.

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How Stella McCartney Optimizes Social Media Campaigns

Discover how Stella McCartney uses Dash Hudson to:

  • Measure real-time performance with Campaigns, surfacing granular, yet digestible insights that help the brand get the most out of its social content.
  • Use Dashboards to report out on its social performance, saving the team one week of manual work every month.
  • Solve budget constraints by focusing on shorter snippets of video rather than long-form video.

Dash Hudson Products Used

Instagram Insights
Dashboards and Reporting

Use Cases

Social Engagement and Scheduling | Reporting, Insights, and Trends | Simplify Workflow and Save Time


1 week

saved every month managing social


increase in engagement rate on Instagram*


increase in video views on Instagram*
*In Q3 2022 vs Q2 2022

Stella McCartney's Challenge

Stella McCartney is an eponymous luxury fashion brand that prides itself on its sustainability and iconic vegan designs. The brand centers its social strategy around its founder, its values, and keeping its brand message alive. However, a new social era has begun, requiring a realignment of the brand’s content pillars, voice, and channel strategy. With Instagram as its point of strength, the brand is looking to expand further into Reels, and although TikTok is a smaller channel for the brand, it knows that social entertainment is crucial to winning commercially. To perfect its strategy and drive results in social entertainment, Stella McCartney became an early adopter of Dash Hudson Campaigns, the ultimate content segmentation tool for measuring the results of campaigns on organic social media.

Maximizing ROI of Short-Form Video

The industry pivoting to short-form video is a significant challenge for social media marketers. Stella McCartney knows that video content is necessary for growth, yet it comes with much higher costs than static images. An image goes a long way, but video content needs to be fresh, and it needs to be posted regularly. Social is just one advertising function out of many, including in-store, e-commerce, and paid advertising, and creative teams have to maximize effectiveness across all channels.

To increase its return on investment, the brand uses Dash Hudson’s strategic insights for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and other social channels to identify which content pillars and products are working well in video and which are not resonating. Thus, it can concentrate its efforts on what will grow the brand.

It’s tricky to show the business that Reels are performing better than traditional content. Having Reels in the Dash Hudson platform allows us to show the business how much more reach Reels get, and justify that we need to be doing more of them going forward.

Rémi Ipekci
Global Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media at Stella McCartney

Reporting Campaign Performance Instantly

Before Campaigns in Dash Hudson, it was difficult for the brand to deliver updates on campaign or product launch performance on social — unless it was a large-scale event that warranted the extra work. Consequently, the brand could not focus on smaller campaigns or make micro-adjustments throughout its duration to optimize performance. Now the brand can create reports and unearth strategic insights across channels every day, just as it did for the launch of its spring 2023 campaign, which encompassed five different channels and received 44% more Impressions compared to the benchmark average for campaigns of the same scope.

44% more Impressions than the industry average

Building a Holistic Social Strategy

Brands have no time to waste in today’s fast-paced social media environment. Trends are fleeting, and a week spent on reporting means forgoing social content that could be a breakthrough with trend seekers, who reward savvy brands with higher sales. Stella McCartney once spent one week every single month on reporting across all channels, and Dash Hudson allowed the brand to consolidate all of its efforts under a single Dashboard that is instant, easy to export, and updates in real-time.

Stella McCartney can now measure and compare metrics across channels, including Instagram Reels and TikTok. This new approach allows the brand to compare different formats, such as Reels versus general video, and make a business case for why the brand needs to be investing in social entertainment.

Between pulling numbers and formatting, our old monthly reports took a week across the team to have ready. Campaigns make it instant. We’ve reduced our reporting time from a week to a single day, thanks to Dash Hudson.

Rémi Ipekci, Global Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media
Stella McCartney

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What We Can Learn From How Stella McCartney Measures Cross-Channel Content

Think About Channels Holistically

Building a comprehensive cross-channel strategy allows you to benefit from the unique value each channel holds, and maximize your ROI.

Use Social Media Insights

Get the most out of your social media budget by focusing on content with the highest engagement and ROI for your brand.

Find Reporting Efficiencies

Efficiencies from campaign dashboards give your team a week back every month to focus on what you do best.

Maximize Dash Hudson Tools To Drive Business ROI

  • Get a holistic view of how your Campaigns are performing across channels, including UGC and influencer content, and compare and contrast your points of strength to keep investing in the right things.
  • Integrate Instagram Reels and TikTok into your social media management and reporting insights to make a case for further investment in social entertainment.
  • Check-in on how your content is performing on the fly with ultra-customizable Dashboards—in a few clicks, you can pull strategic competitive insights for your brand.
  • Cut the manual work out of your reporting workflow, and use Dash Hudson to export custom reports at the click of a button, saving you precious time that is better spent creating content.

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