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How Ganni Grew Its Organic Instagram Video Views By Over 60%

The luxury brand leveraged Dash Hudson’s Reels Insights to identify high-performing content and streamline the consistent creation of attention-grabbing videos that speak to its core.

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The luxury brand leveraged Dash Hudson’s Reels Insights to identify high-performing content and streamline the consistent creation of attention-grabbing videos that speak to its core.

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How Ganni Grew Organic Instagram Video Views

Discover how Ganni uses Dash Hudson’s Reels Insights to:

  • Gain real-time insights into the content and emerging trends that are resonating most with its audiences on each social channel
  • Build custom performance reports to make business cases to senior executives
  • Streamline the management of all cross-channel content in a single social entertainment hub 
  • Plan and schedule Reels directly in-platform

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Increase in Organic Video Views*


Increase in Video Effectiveness*


Increase in Average Organic Reach*
*after the launch of Reels in Dash Hudson

Ganni’s Challenge

Ganni is a purpose-led Scandinavian brand defining smart luxury on its own terms. As a data-led brand, Ganni wanted to apply the same level of rigorous insight to its social media marketing strategy. To capitalize on the rise of social entertainment, the brand needed to increase its investment in video on Instagram, while ensuring that it could consistently create attention-grabbing Reels that speak to its target audience of first movers and Gen Z. To unlock the winning formula for its Instagram video strategy, the brand leveraged Dash Hudson’s Instagram Reels solution to gain instant access to key performance insights, with the added benefit of easily being able to schedule and manage its entire library of content across channels.

Using Insights To Identify and Invest in the Best Content

Since the launch of Reels, Ganni has been prioritizing video to build awareness and loyalty with its trend-forward audience. While Ganni wants to ensure that it preserves the luxe aesthetic of the brand with highly produced creative, the social media team understands that lo-fi, authentic content is also necessary to appeal to their target consumer. As a social media insights driven brand, being able to segment campaigns using Dash Hudson’s Boards and track the effectiveness of different types of content was crucial. 

With the help of Dash Hudson’s Reels insights, Ganni was able to identify its top performing pillars of content: its in-store shopping experience and creators from its brand community. Ganni views these two aspects as major points of differentiation and started creating Reels that highlight the broader essence and lifestyle surrounding its fashions. This marketing strategy is paying off, with Ganni experiencing a 20% increase in video effectiveness since the launch of Dash Hudson’s Reels. Given the ever-shifting landscape of social marketing, Ganni also uses Boards’ custom reporting to demonstrate the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and make a case to senior management for further investment in video.

20% Increase in Video Effectiveness since the launch of Dash Hudson's Reels

"Having an overview of everything, and measuring the impact of video content across channels, is super powerful. The fact that [Dash Hudson] brings everything together is a social media manager’s dream.

Ira Tassouli,
Community Editor at Ganni

Streamlining Cross-Channel Content in a Seamless, Single-View Dashboard

To be successful, brands need a robust, cross-channel social media strategy. At the same time, they must take a holistic approach to developing and sharing content to ensure a consistent brand voice and aesthetic. Dash Hudson allows Ganni to view all of its cross-channel posts in a single social entertainment hub, which allows the team to gain real-time insights into the content pillars and emerging trends that are resonating most on each platform to make more informed decisions on what and where to post.

Manually posting Reels in the native app is time-consuming, inflexible, and does not enable brands to plan content in advance, significantly slowing Ganni’s workflow. Dash Hudson’s first-in-market Reels product allows Ganni to plan and schedule Reels directly in-platform, in the wider context of its social strategy. No more placeholders. The ease of using one platform for all of its social activities allows the brand to work more efficiently and plan for better content, which has led to a 60.4% increase in organic video views since the launch of Reels in Dash Hudson.

60% increase in organic video views since the launch of reels in Dash Hudson

Being able to schedule Reels with a visual overview ‌makes things so much easier. We can see the frequency of posts and diversify our types of ‌content. Seeing Reels within the wider context of our strategy, without placeholders or workarounds, has had a profound impact.”

Ira Tassouli,
Community Editor at Ganni

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What We Can Learn From Ganni’s Marketing Strategy

Grow Your Brand Organically

Use your social channels to amplify the voices of key members in your brand community to grow organic reach and engagement.

Identify Your Best Content

Measure the effectiveness of creative to identify top-performing content along with areas of opportunity and over investment.

Streamline Your Workflow

Streamline social media workflows and management to enable team members to focus more time on high-value interactions.

Pro Tips To Maximize Dash Hudson Tools To Drive Business ROI

  • Use Reels Insights to understand in real-time what video styles are most effective in reaching your audience
  • Leverage Boards’ custom reporting capabilities to justify current strategies and make compelling business cases for further investment
  • Bring your entire cross-channel content strategy into a single, visual dashboard to ensure consistency and drive greater efficiencies

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