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5 Top Performing Luxury Jewelry Brands and Their Social Strategies

Gillian Gamble
November 16, 2023
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The success of luxury jewelry brands on social media has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the years, these brands have embraced the digital landscape and harnessed their potential to reach a global audience, showcase their exquisite creations and engage with customers uniquely. We’re delving into the strategies that make these luxury jewelry brands stand out and how they've leveraged social media marketing to garner success.

This blog explores:

  • What makes luxury jewelry brands different? 
  • Should luxury brands use social media? 
  • How luxury brands can use social media. 
  • The best luxury jewelry brands on social.
  • How luxury jewelry brands use Dash Hudson.

What Makes Luxury Jewelry Brands Different?

Luxury jewelry brands are different from other industries in various ways. They often deal with high-end, handcrafted, limited-edition pieces catering to a niche market. Their products carry a substantial emotional value, requiring a different marketing approach.

However, luxury brands might hesitate to expand their digital marketing presence to social media — why? For many luxury brands, the in-person service you receive is a major part of the customer experience. Some brands might not believe that their target demographics are active on social media or are simply unaware of how social media contributes to reaching their goals and enhancing their overall brand. 

That being said, a range of luxury brands are active on social media presence and failing to build a robust social strategy could be detrimental for those looking to build their customer base and meaningfully compete with others.  

The data behind luxury jewelry brands is also compelling — luxury jewelry brands share 26 posts each month on average. Despite the average fashion and luxury brand engagement rate of 0.3%, luxury jewelry brands see a slightly higher average engagement rate of 0.5%. There’s also untapped opportunity for growth among these brands — their average monthly growth rate is 1.1%, compared to the overall fashion and luxury industry average of 0.6%.

Should Luxury Jewelry Brands Use Social Media?

Yes, luxury jewelry brands should use social media. Social media allows brands to connect with a global audience, showcase their artistry and tell their brand story. It also provides a platform to build client relationships, generate brand awareness and align with a luxury image. 

Luxury jewelry brands must understand what resonates with their audiences to maximize ROI and achieve lasting success. Brands should explore their existing user demographics and target demographics and take this a step further by developing a buyer persona to base upcoming campaigns on. 

Metrics like average engagement rate, average monthly growth rate and average number of monthly posts are critical to a luxury jewelry brand’s social strategy. Developing an understanding of Fashion and Luxury benchmarks is another helpful way to set appropriate goals for your social media and marketing strategies.

How Luxury Jewelry Brands Can Use Social Media

There is an abundance of possibility for luxury jewelry brands on social media — from repurposing content to driving revenue, social is a great avenue to achieve a plethora of goals. Here are three examples of luxury jewelry brands using social media.

Tiffany and Co

Tiffany and Co (@tiffanyandco) uses TikTok to share hi-fi campaign videos, including footage from runway shows and more. This is a great space to promote celebrity ambassadors like Rose from Blackpink, Jimin from BTS and other big names that can resonate with fans of the brand and the celebrity. 

rose wearing tiffany and co tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @tiffanyandco


Mejuri (@mejuri) cleverly taps into TikTok trends to garner engagement and reach their audience. Here, they use a clever edit made with CapCut to promote their Black Friday sale and encourage users to shop.

curtain with text announcing mejuri sale tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @mejuri

David Yurman 

David Yurman (@davidyurman) taps into influencer marketing with their brand ambassador Sofia Richie Grange, in a TikTok where she shares styles of some of her favorite David Yurman pieces behind the scenes of a shoot. This is a great way to let users glimpse ‘backstage’ while also promoting their product. 

sofia richie grange styles david yurman jewelry
Image credit: @davidyurman

Overall, leveraging the power of creators and celebrities, embracing creative content that is authentic to your brand, and sharing thought-provoking and engaging content are key areas to focus on social media for luxury jewelry brands. 

5 Best Luxury Jewelry Brands on Social

Here are some of the best luxury jewelry brands on social media and their outstanding performances.

1. @brentnealejewelry

  • Average engagement rate: 2.5%
  • Best post engagement rate: 25.3%

Brent Neale jewelry is rooted in the belief that true luxury is unique, surprising and fun. Their ability to leverage lo-fi short-form video and up-close captures captivates their luxury followers and sets them apart. 

brent neale diamond necklace in display
Image credit: @brentnealejewelry

2. @prounisjewelry

  • Average engagement rate: 2.5%
  • Best post engagement rate: 25.6%

Prounis’ jewelry is inspired by art forms from across the ancient world and crafted with contemporary details. Each piece is handwrought in signature recycled 22-karat gold and finished with sustainably and responsibly sourced gemstones, diamonds, pearls and corals.

pronounis jewelry green suit collaboration instagram screenshot
Image credit: @pronounis

3. @graff

  • Average engagement rate: 1.5%
  • Best post engagement rate: 31.5%

Graff’s exquisite diamond jewelry celebrates the purity of their signature stone with refined, elegant silhouettes to elevate your everyday. Their content featuring models and trusted UGC creators that resonate with their audience and help their algorithmic reach. 

model wearing graff jewels ig screenshot
Image credit: @graff

4. @viltier_paris

  • Average engagement rate: 1.4%
  • Best post engagement rate: 4.5%

VILTIER meticulously handcrafts all of its fine jewelry in its Parisian workshop. Their distinct pieces of jewelry celebrate natural beauty, and their feed reflects this with close-up shots that show the intricate design and sparkle of their jewelry.

close up hand wearing big viltier diamond ring
Image credit: @viltier_paris

5. @boucheron

  • Average engagement rate: 1.4%
  • Best post engagement rate: 169.3%

Since 1858, Boucheron has emphasized the idea of freedom aesthetically and creativity in how customers wear their pieces. Boucheron's social media campaigns with hi-fi strategies and models showcase the craftsmanship and simplicity of their creations.

zeesoxee for boucheron jewels
Image credit: @boucheron and @xeesoxee

How Luxury Jewelry Brands Are Using Dash Hudson

Dash Hudson equips luxury jewelry brands like Sydney Evan, Mejuri and Kendra Scott to streamline their social media strategies and craft their customer journey on social to improve engagement, exposure and equity. 

Dash Hudson’s suite of content strategy tools enables luxury jewelry brands to optimize their social media presence and make data-driven decisions for their brand. Tools like Vision predict which visuals from your content library have the best chance to perform, while Social Listening tells you what users say about your brand — and your competition.

Beyond scheduling, brands can uphold their luxury service on social with Community Manager, so they can instantly escalate customer issues to their conversational commerce tools. 

Luxury jewelry brands can fine-tune their social media campaigns to ensure their posts resonate with their audience and deliver exceptional results.  


How do you promote luxury jewelry?

Promoting luxury jewelry on social media involves a combination of strategies to create a sense of exclusivity and desirability.

Maintaining a solid presence on social media, developing a strong brand identity that reflects the luxury and uniqueness of your pieces, inviting partnerships with creators or celebrities that align with your brand, and showcasing your jewelry through visuals that highlight the details will enable a powerful strategy to promote your luxury jewelry.

How do luxury jewelry brands attract customers?

Luxury brands attract customers through social media marketing, word of mouth, and brick-and-mortar sales. Typically, luxury jewelry inspires luxury service, making retail sales more critical to this industry than other brands. Sales representatives offer guidance to help customers make a purchase and education to help them understand how a product is constructed and why it has a luxury price tag.

Do luxury jewelry brands use UGC?

Yes, luxury brands use UGC as a part of their strategies. UGC for jewelry brands demonstrates that real customers enjoy the brand's jewelry, building trust and credibility among your audience. Incorporating UGC adds an authentic and relatable dimension to the brands, allowing for a deeper, more personalized connection with customers.  

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