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Top TikTok Trends for Brands to Follow (Updated June 2024)

Elise Ngobi
February 4, 2020
Last Updated On
June 7, 2024

TikTok had over 900 million worldwide users in 2024 — and this number is expected to climb to just over 900 million in 2024. Once assumed to be a social media platform that’s just for kids, the TikTok user base is diversifying fast with brands, influencers, YouTubers, parents, and even grandparents joining the fun.

TikTok Trends are always changing, and brands wanting to make an impact on the social channel will want to make time to discover what’s trending on TikTok. Knowing what’s trending right now is key to creating videos that are engaging to audiences, and will inspire them to click on your link in bio.

We’ve been watching (sometimes a little too much) and keeping a pulse on the biggest trends audiences are jumping on. To help your brand identify current TikTok trends, this blog will cover:

  • What are the current TikTok trends?
  • TikTok Trends for June 2024.
  • TikTok Trends for past months.
  • What is a TikTok trend?
  • How to find what's trending on TikTok.

What Are The Current TikTok Trends?

Videos can become viral trends themselves and users can share them much like songs and sounds. TikTokers are able to Stitch viral videos using this feature to react to content or continue the story of the original video with their own funny or insightful additions. Brands are getting in on the fun by leveraging the creative potential of stitching, duets, and reactions to inspire entertaining user-generated content.

TikTok creators infuse their unique flair into trends, with shared TikTok sounds and hashtags acting as the glue that binds these creative remixes. In crafting an effective TikTok marketing strategy, prioritize concepts that offer easy replication, sprinkled with elements of fun, surprise, and a trending audio track for maximum impact.

TikTok Trends for June 2024 

As Summer arrives, here are the TikTok trends shaping our FYPs this month.

I Remember When I Lost My Mind

This trend involves using the Gnarls Barkley song ‘Crazy’ and describing something crazy you did to get a crush or someone else’s attention. First, post a video or selfie of yourself with text that says something to the effect of, ‘When I wanted to get my crush’s attention and I posted this,’ before sharing a clip or photo of the attention-seeking behavior, like the creator below who pretended she loved football to capture a love interest’s attention. 

girl with red hair sitting in airport
Image credit: @haleyybaylee

Fully-Conscious Baby

Yes, even babies are influencers in 2024. If you’re unfamiliar with the fully-conscious baby, this infant took the influencer by storm with a simple question, “who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” The way the baby responded with a hand wave and the answer “Me!”, took the internet by storm, prompting the ‘fully-conscious baby’ moniker. Since, the baby has appeared in content by the Four Seasons itself, and spawned numerous videos from other creators reenacting the original video or weighing in on what exactly a fully-conscious baby is.

baby sitting at table filled with food in the four seasons
Image credit: @sobrizzle

Looking for a Man in Finance

If you’re on TikTok and haven’t heard the original (shown below) or the many remixes all over TikTok, where have you been? To participate in this trend, make your own rendition of the song explaining type of person you’re looking for, or use the sound to poke fun at your own finance guy — or your pursuit of one.

blonde girl singing 'looking for a man in finance' song
Image credit: @girl_on_couch

Who You’re Actually Emailing 

Wanted to use your headshot somewhere other than slack or LinkedIn? You’re in luck — this trend involves sharing your professional headshot with text reading, ‘who you think you’re emailing,’ followed by a video of you doing something crazy with text that says, ‘who you’re actually emailing’. Common ‘crazy’ examples include wild dancing or out-there Halloween costumes.

man in blue checked shirt and arm braces posing for professional photo
Image credit: @josh.sundquist

How Many Are You Doing? 

This is a fun trend that can be applied to many different situations. In your office or friend group, ask everyone a question — they’ll under-or-over-exaggerate the number, and in the next frame, will reveal the real number. In the example below, the group guess how long it’ll take for them to run a 10K, before sharing their real (and — spoiler alert — much longer) times.

man keeling over exhausted after running 10k
Image credit: @remyzeee

TikTok Trends for May 2024 

These are the TikTok trends spreading across For You Page’s everywhere this May.

80’s Dance Moves 

In this heartwarming TikTok Trend, a daughter asks her Mom to show her what popular dance moves in the 80’s were like. Use this trend for anyone on your team with a passion for the 80’s!

woman dancing in 80s style in living room
Image credit: @stargirltesfaye

You Wouldn’t Last an Hour 

In this popular TikTok trend, creators use the new Taylor Swift song ‘Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?’ — specifically, the lyrics that say ‘you wouldn’t last an hour / in the asylum where they raised me.’ Create a carousel post, with one photo, a selfie featuring the first lyric. In the second photo, add the ‘in the asylum where they raised’ me text overlay, and a photo of the ‘asylum’ in reference. 

hannah brown from the bachelor you wouldnt last an hour tiktok trend
Image credit: @hannahkbrown

Secret Gardens In My Mind 

Yes, there’s another trend involving Taylor Swift, this time with her new song ‘I Hate it Here’ — but are you surprised? This trend also involves using a carousel post, sharing two images. The first, a selfie, featuring the lyrics ‘I hate it here’. The next slide should feature the text ‘So I will go to secret gardens in my mind,’ with a photo of something you think about when you’re stressed or bored — this is also a great way to shout out something you used to be or currently are obsessed with.

boston university sign
Image credit: @northeasternu

TikTok Trends for April 2024

Whether or not Spring has sprung in your region, here are the TikTok trends almost everyone is indulging in this April. 

I do not take pictures of my meal — April 10, 2024

This trend was spurned from a Millie Bobby Brown interview, where the actress said, “I do not take pictures of my meals, that’s where I draw the line — my camera does not eat first. I think it’s just ridiculous.” In response, TikTok users have been adopting the sound for carousel posts featuring photos of their favorite meals. 

photo of burrata for i dont take photos of my meal tiktok trend
Image credit: @morgs_girl

Bad b*tch, with a baddie friend — April 10, 2024

This TikTok trend involves taking either a video or a carousel, and using the ‘baddie friend’ audio. Start with a video or photo of one ‘baddie’, and then take a photo of both ‘baddie’s in the next frame. 

charlie d'amelio baddie friend tiktok trend
Image credit: @charlidamelio

Social media is fake, so here’s some things I’m ashamed of — April 10, 2024

Both serious and satirical, this latest trend involves using one frame and saying, “social media is fake, so here are some things I’m ashamed to admit.” From there, you can use a carousel to either share a series of serious things you’d like to admit. Conversely, you can use this trend to admit something silly and unserious — perhaps your love of a particular food or beauty product. 

some things i'm ashamed to admit tiktok trend
Image credit: @unlovebot

Send it to me Rachel — April 10, 2024

This TikTok trend involves lipsynching to this ‘send it to me Rachel’ audio, while using the text overlay feature to describe a situation where you’d like someone to send you a TikTok, link or other meme. For example, ‘when you hear your friend laughing at a funny TikTok from across the room.’

send it to me rachel tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @cryinglawyer

TikTok Trends for March 2024

This March, tap into these trends to give your content a boost and join some of the most popular trends.

If I Won The Lottery — March 1, 2024

This is a fun trend anyone can participate in — simply upload two photos in a carousel post. The first should be a photo of yourself with text reading ‘If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t tell anyone’. On the second slide, put something you love — this could be huge quantities of something you love, a product form your brand or a major purchase — with text that says ‘but there’d be signs’. 

if i won the lottery tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @alissaviolet

I’ll Just Eat Half — March 1, 2024

This is a fun trend that involves a little work on the part of the participant — take a cheeky video and use the text overlay to say ‘I’ll just have half’. In your video, you should either eat, read or take half of whatever you’re talking about, in an unconventional way, like the example below. 

ill just do half tiktok trend screenshot with girl in blue sweater
Image credit: @cassiesbooktok

I’m Just A Girl — March 1, 2024

This is a spin on the existing ‘just a girl’ trend. Take a video of yourself and use the text overlay to give your closest girls a glowing compliment. 

i'm just a girl tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @julihasthecats

TikTok Trends for February 2024 

Tap into these TikTok trends this February to keep your TikTok content fun and fresh.

My Favorite Animal — February 1, 2024

Looking for a major gift or have a taste for luxury? This trend involves using the song Shik Shak Shok and using a text overlay to write ‘He asked me what my favorite animal was, I said Cartier Panthère’. Use any luxury jewelry that depicts an animal to use this trend.

girl wearing white sweater holding up red cartier bag in tiktok video
Image credit: @maryfromukraine

Twin, where have you been? — February 1, 2024

This trend is perfect for a dynamic duo — highlight your best friend at work or someone you haven’t seen for a while and lipsynch to the corresponding trending audio that says, ‘Twin, where have you been?’ while the other person mouths the second part, ‘Nobody knows me like you’.

girl wearing heart necklace walking through door tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @princesspolly

Pookie Is Looking Absolutely Fire Tonight — February 1, 2024

Bennet and Pookie (aka Campbell), are the latest viral TikTok couple, boosted to popularity mostly by the chivalrous demeanor of Bennet and both of their stylish outfits. This trend uses original audio from Campbell sharing her outfits — to use this trend, lipsynch and have fun playing each role with a friend, or simply highlight something you think looks ‘absolutely fire’ with the corresponding sound. 

plate of chili appetizers
Image credit: @chilisofficial

And Then I Go and Spoil It All — February 15, 2024

This recent trend uses audio from the Nancy Sinatra classic ‘Somethin’ Stupid’, and involves sharing a carousel post — the first slide should include a text overlay that says, ‘And then I go and spoil it all,’ the next will say ‘by saying something stupid like,’ — on the last slide, share something that’s particularly funny, annoying or generally something you often say. 

brunette with winged eyeliner 'and then i go and spoil it all' tiktok trend screenshotl
Image credit: @virgintakis

Silent Reviews — February 15, 2024

This trend involves silently reviewing a product, look or anything else silently. Creators can review beauty products, books, red carpet outfits or even their own past looks. To do this trend, simply add a text overlay that says ‘silently reviewing ___’ (whatever you’re reviewing!) and then gesture, nod or whatever else gets your review across to other users.

brunette sits behind beauty products holding hands to silently review beauty products
Image credit: @meitham

TikTok Trends for January 2024

These are the TikTok trends appearing on our FYP’s as we enter 2024. 

We’re, Of Course — January 12, 2024

This trend works best with two people. Select a group you’re familiar with or something that relates to your brand — this can be an astrological sign, a profession, something you’re a fan of, family and more — get creative! Each person takes a turn filming the other person, who mentions a common trope related to the group you’re discussing. Let’s say we’re talking about someone who loves movies. This exchange looks like, “We’re movie lovers, of course we’re going to have a mile-long ‘to watch’ list.” Then, the frame cuts to the other participant, who will say another movie-lover-trope, like “We’re movie lovers, of course we have Letterboxed accounts.” This is a fun trend that almost anyone can participate in. 

girl in beige sweater holds tiny microphone in tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @staplescanada

Because It’s Iconic — January 12, 2024

This trend involves lip-syncing along to this audio, courtesy of Kim Kardashian, to the words, “‘Cause it’s iconic. And I love doing iconic sh*t.” Pair this with a product or service, like Rare Beauty does below, or use a text overlay to describe an ‘iconic’ situation. 

selena gomez and woman holding up rare beauty body products
Image credit: @katiefanggg

You’ve Never Been to Heaven, Have You? — January 12, 2024

This is another easy-to-follow trend. Simply use a text overlay to describe something that’s Heavenly to you, and lipsynch to these lyrics from Sweetest Pie by Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa “You’ve never been to Heaven, have you?” 

brunette with big eyelashes and lip gloss in 'you've never been to heaven' meme about setting spray
Image credit: @sabrinastar1

What Is a TikTok Trend?

In short, a TikTok trend is a collection of viral, usually short videos featuring popular sounds, hashtags, dances or challenges. While some videos are an exact duplication of the original, TikTok gives users a lot of freedom to be more abstract or personal in how they want to participate in the trend.

How To Find What's Trending on TikTok

It’s impossible to scroll down your “For You” page without coming across a new hashtag like #picnictime or #booktok. The topics change frequently, and typical clips show people in hilariously exaggerated scenarios, surprisingly informative and hyper-relatable. The types of content that are taking over your ‘For You’ page typically come from three fundamental categories:

  • Trending sounds
  • Trending videos
  • Trending hashtags

Several recocurring themes define what makes content from these categories become top TikTok trends. The main being humor, as funny videos tend to get more shares and repeated views, both critical factors for TikTok's feed-ranking algorithm. Videos that have an element of surprise or something unexpected also have a higher chance of going viral, again feeding into shareability and reach. 

Relatability also plays a part in what will and won’t become a trend. Short-form videos climb the virality charts the fastest. Ideas that land quickly, and a broad swath of the population can instantly identify with, are the ideas that make it onto the “For You” page.

One of the most refreshing parts about TikTok is the lo-fi style of videos. Post-production is done in the app using easy-to-find native tools, and the editing is focused on transitions, video effects, and sounds, more than it is on filters. 

Another interesting element of TikTok trending sounds and videos is how content can go viral weeks and even months after being posted. Using TikTok Insights can give context as to why that happens, and how to replicate it in future posts. 

TikTok’s unique audience separates it from other social channels. The majority of platform users  are young, and users are eager to interact with their community through   likes, shares and comments. Videos easily take off, reaching hundreds of thousands of views, much faster than other channels.


What is the most popular trend on TikTok?

The beauty of TikTok comes from the fact that there isn’t a single most popular trend at any moment. What is most popular or viral is literally changing every single day. The most popular trends are usually short, to the point and entertaining or shocking in some way or another. 

What was the first TikTok trend?

Since TikTok started out as, a music and dance app, it’s not surprising that most of the first viral trends on TikTok were in fact dance videos. One of the earliest TikTok trends was a dance called ‘The Renegade’ to a song by K-Camp called ‘Lottery’.

This type of trend became so popular and has stayed trending because users don’t need to be a professional to partake in these easy-to-learn and fun dances. 

How do you start a trend?

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to know whether something will trend or go viral on TikTok. A great place to start is using sounds or topics from pop culture. Many of the most viral trends have snippets from popular shows. If you’re not sure what sounds to use, we recommend trying as many as you want. The great thing about TikTok is that there isn’t the need to curate your feed the way there is on a platform like Instagram.

How long does a TikTok trend last?

Much like starting a trend on TikTok, it’s hard to predict how long a trend will last. While some trends can last weeks or even months, some are also only relevant for a couple of days. Many say the best way to know a TikTok trend has ‘expired’ is once you begin to see it popping up on other social media channels like Twitter or Instagram.

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