Top TikTok Trends for Brands to Follow in 2023 [Updated Monthly]

Elise Ngobi
February 4, 2020
Last Updated On
August 25, 2023

TikTok was the most-downloaded app in 2020, surpassing 3 billion downloads. Once assumed to be a social media platform that’s just for kids, the TikTok user-base is diversifying fast with brands, influencers, YouTubers, parents, and even grandparents joining the fun.

Trending TikTok videos are always changing, and brands wanting to make an impact on the social channel will want to make time to discover what’s trending on TikTok. Knowing what’s trending is key to creating videos that are engaging to audiences, and will inspire them to click on your link in bio.

We’ve been watching (sometimes a little too much) and keeping a pulse on the biggest trends audiences are jumping on. The following TikTok guide will help you to identify the newest TikTok trends so your brand can join the fun.

What Is a TikTok trend?

In short, a TikTok trend is a collection of viral, usually short videos featuring popular sounds, hashtags, dances or challenges. While some videos are an exact duplication of the original, TikTok gives users a lot of freedom to be more abstract or personal in how they want to participate in the trend.

How To Find What's Trending on TikTok

It’s impossible to scroll down your “For You” page without coming across a new hashtag like #picnictime or #booktok. The topics change frequently, and typical clips show people in scenarios that are hilariously exaggerated, surprisingly informative, and hyper-relatable. The types of content that are taking over your “For You” page typically come from three very important categories:

  • Trending sounds.
  • Trending videos.
  • Trending hashtags.

There are a few running themes on what makes content from these categories become top TikTok trends. The top theme is humor. Funny videos get more shares, and people watch them more than once, two factors that are important to the TikTok feed-ranking algorithm. Videos that have an element of surprise or something unexpected also have a higher chance of going viral, again feeding into shareability and reach. Relatability also plays a part in what will and won’t become a trend. Short videos climb the virality charts the fastest. Ideas that land quickly, and a broad swath of the population can instantly identify with, are the ideas that make it onto the “For You” page.

One of the most refreshing parts about TikTok is the lo-fi style of videos. Post-production is done in the app using easy to find native tools, and the editing is focused on transitions, video effects, and sounds, more than it is on filters. Another interesting element of TikTok trending sounds and videos is how content can go viral weeks and even months after being posted. Using TikTok Insights can give context as to why that happens, and how to replicate it in future posts. 

 TikTok’s unique audience separates it from other social channels. The majority of TikTokkers are young, so they are generous with reactions—likes, shares and comments. Videos easily take off, reaching hundreds of thousands of views, much faster than other channels.

Screenshot of TikTok Hashtag Trend
Image credit: @willsmith

What Sounds Are Trending on TikTok?

TikTok is different from other social platforms in that it is built for music and entertainment. It’s easy to add tracks to your videos in the app. They’re segmented out by viral tracks and a pretty broad list of genres and moods that you can use for dance challenges or lip syncing.

The viral section will take you to a chart of top-performing songs which are being featured in the most videos. Remixes are popular on TikTok, with multiple versions of each track making the rounds in fun, easy-to-film dance challenges that go viral fast.

Trending TikTok Sounds for September 2023

These are the TikTok sounds trending this September as Fall approaches.

1. Touch My Body - Mariah Carey (2.2M Videos)

Touch My Body, this 2005 hit from Mariah Carey is taking TikTok by storm — although the app is no stranger to older songs having a surge in popularity. 

2. Favorite Song (Sped Up) - Toosii ( Videos)

This sped-up version of Favorite Song by Toosii has an over-arching theme of beauty, making it especially perfect for TikTok content from the beauty industry. However, it’s a great song to use as backing music for nearly any type of TikTok content. 

3. Anti-hero - Taylor Swift (627.5K Videos)

As the Summer of Taylor Swift comes to a close, don’t worry — Fall has a special place for Taylor Swift as well, with Anti-hero from Midnights taking FYP’s by storm. Brands can use this sound as on-the-nose background music for discussing a pain point they help solve, dispelling misconceptions or just as a general catchy song to back your best video content. 

4. Wellerman - Sea Shanty (491.7K Videos)

If you want to hold onto the remnants of Summer (or are representing a locale where sea shanties and the like are relevant), Sea Shanty by Wellerman is the perfect song to capture those ‘out to sea’ vibes. Use this for any ocean-themed content, or simply as an upbeat backing tune for your video. 

5. Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat (320.3K Videos)

Doja Cat’s newest release, ‘Paint The Town Red’ is a catchy song that’s perfect to showcase any video content where the colour red is featured — or try your hand at the ‘Paint The Town Red’ dance trend.

Trending TikTok Sounds for August 2023

Perhaps unsurprisingly, songs from the Barbie soundtrack are leading the pack of trending songs in August. 

1. Barbie World (With Aqua) [From Barbie The Album] - Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice with Aqua (526.4K Videos) 

If you’re at all interested in the Barbie movie, Barbie World by Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj song has likely been all over your TikTok. This song is great to back any pink or Barbie-inspired content. 

2. What Was I Made For? - Billie Eilish (9.9K Videos)

Billie Eilish puts her own twist on the song ‘What Was I Made For’ for the Barbie movie — use this calm, wistful song as backing for any Barbie content with a slower, mild vibe. Bonus points here

3. Healing Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz(817269) - Ikumi Tanuma (270.3K Videos) 

This calming, soothing, chime-spiked instrumental song ‘Healing Solfeggio’ is perfect as a backing sound for any of your whimsical, serene or generally more mild TikTok content.   

4. Blue Moon - Muspace Lofi (165.0K Videos) 

This song is the perfect backing audio for nearly any of your videos — upbeat, not too loud and optimistic and plucky. 

5. Six Degrees - squale (7.4K Videos) 

Six Degress by squale is trending, but still has a lower number of videos which is great for early adopters and brands who ant to be early to a trending song. This song is another upbeat song with great energy to round out your summer TikTok content.

Trending TikTok Sounds for July 2023

Here are the trending sounds you should use in your TikTok content this July. 

1. LOOK AT ME - Sanika, Skywvker (500.9K Videos) 

This sound opens with ‘Ashley, look at me’ and uses a catchy beat to draw users in. Use this sound to anything — a person, place or product that you’d like to draw attention to. 

2. Barbie Girl - Lady Aqua (2M Videos) 

The Greta Gerwig-directed film ‘Barbie’ premieres July 21 — and of course, the classic 90’s hit ‘Barbie Girl’ is trending on TikTok. Use this sound as background music, or with any product or outfit you’d like to feature that’s pink and Barbie-inspired. 

3. Beat Automotive Tan Tan Tan Viral - WZ Beat (28.6M Videos)

You’ve probably seen the ‘Beat Automotivo’ sound used with the knocking transition, where you knock on a door to the song’s beat and reveal your transformation on the other side. This sound can also be used in content to build suspense or anticipation. 

4. money trees (sped up) - Kendrick Lamar (10M Videos) 

This sound, a remixed version of Money Trees, has trended in the past — this time, it’s being used as a general background song than as a dance challenge. Use this as backing for almost any of your TikTok video content. 

5. dance - deluvkirby (674.5K Videos) 

Dance by deluvkirby is another upbeat, fast-paced but also cheery song that will get you dancing — use it as a backing track for any TikTok, or practice your favorite dance moves. 

Trending TikTok Sounds for June 2023

1. Another Level - Oh The Larceny (47.9K Videos)

This is intense-sounding song is perfect to highlight strong, powerful video content. 

2. Girls Like Me Don’t Cry - Thuy (307.8K Videos) 

This sped-up version of Bay area-artist Thuy’s recent release ‘girls like me don’t cry’ is an up-tempo, high-energy song despite it’s title. Use this song in the background of almost any of your video content. 

3. The Best - Tina Turner (130.2K Videos) 

One of Tina Turner’s most popular songs ‘The Best’, is trending shortly after news that the rock star passed — use this song to celebrate the life of one of America’s best performers, or use it to spotlight anything you share you think is ‘simply the best’.   

4. Glue Song - beabadoobee ft. Clairo (36.8K Videos) 

This sweet, folksy-sounding song is the perfect song to back a range of video content from recipes, outfits or anything you feel ‘stuck to’. 

5. Sunsets - Nurko (154.1K Videos) 

This dreamy, electronic song is another great all-purpose song to use in your TikTok content. From scenic nature shots to recipes, this sound can suit content from almost any brand.  

Trending TikTok Sounds for May 2023

1. Hell N Back (Bakar) - 136.1K Videos 

This sped-up version of ‘Hell N Back’ by Bakar is trending again after taking the app by storm in 2019. Despite the title, this sound is surprisingly jazzy and upbeat.

2. West Coast (Lana Del Rey Instrumental) - 79.9K Videos 

This trending sound uses instrumental from the Lana Del Rey song ‘West Coast’ — while this song has been used lately along the ‘hair theory’ trend, it’s also the perfect moody background noise for your content. 

3. Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley & The Wailers) - 150.1K Videos 

This easy, breezy song is trending on TikTok despite coming out over 40 years ago. Perfect to showcase nature, a display of love (including something you love as well as someone), or anything else you want to showcase on your TikTok profile. 

4. Jackass (TV Theme) - 349.4K Videos

No, this trend isn’t used to only showcase wacky stunts or behavior — although, you could. This sound is also great background music to highlight something particularly gross, surprising, or physical. 

5. Cupid (Twin ver.) 

Yes, there’s a dance trend associated with the song, but it’s also been used as cheery, poppy, background music for video montages.

Trending TikTok Sounds for April 2023

1. Succession Main Theme (From ‘Succession’) - 13.7K Videos 

Succession is back on our TV’s, and its catchy theme song is back on our TikTok feeds in full force.

2. This is Not Phonk (Bgnzinhbo) - 63.7K Videos 

This funky song has been climbing in popularity, and is approved for business use. This one has no particular trend tied to it, so feel free to use it in product promos, behind-the-scenes content, or any other video that needs a background song.

3. It’s a Beautiful Day (Roxpand) - 58K Videos

This cheery, upbeat track is the perfect partner to TikTok content that shows gratitude, or simply highlights footage from a great day. 

4. Florida Water (Danny Towers, DJ Scheme & Ski Mask the Slump God feat. Luh Tyler) - 126K Videos

This sound has been increasing in popularity since late March, and is the perfect accompaniment to a funny or humorous content. 

5. Redbone, Sped Up (Payton Moore) - 18K Videos 

Another breakout hit from TikTok, this Childish Gambino track gets new life in a sped-up cover by Payton Moore. Use as a background song in your content, or try it with the ‘choose my makeup’ filter.

Trending TikTok Sounds for March 2023

1. Boy’s a Liar pt. 2 (PinkPantheress, Ice Spice) OR Check Ha Mood (WINAGN) - 1.4M Videos 

This Ice Spice and PinkPantheress song is notable on TikTok for creators singing along with Ice Spice’s verse. 

2. It’s a Wrap - Sped Up (Mariah Carey) - 2.1M Videos

Mariah Carey season doesn’t end in January — especially where TikTok sounds are concerned. 

3. Love (kouz1) - 132.6K Videos 

A newly trending sound by Moroccan artist Kouz1, Love is perfect to dance or sing along to. 

4. Painting Pictures (Superstar Pride) - 80.7K Videos 

This sweet ode to Superstar Pride’s mother is the perfect for backing music on your TikTok videos or to sing along with. 

5. If We Ever Broke Up (Mae Stephens) - 53.3K Videos

This funky song is perfect to make your own dance to, sing along with, or for a particularly upbeat, vibrant song. The song’s lyrics (If we ever broke up / I’d never be sad) and the cheery, positive rhythm and instrumentals create an interesting juxtaposition. 

Trending TikTok Sounds for February 2023

1. NO (Meghan Trainor, Sped-up) - 1.5M Videos 

Megan Trainor’s song ‘No’ has 2000’s pop vibes, and this sped-up version is popular for it’s ‘untouchable, untouchable’ refrain.

2. COMMA$ (Curtis Roach) - 1.8M Videos 

“Nowadays they talk but they talk about nothing”, raps Curtis Roach on this newly trending TikTok song

3. Collide (Justine Skye, Sped Up) - 1.9M Videos 

Used under a range of content, Collide is a catchy, upbeat song — while there is a dance trend associated, don’t let that stop you from using this song in other types of content. 

4. Here with Me - 498.5K Videos 

Do you care how long it takes? Whether you miss something, want to express your love for something, our use it’s wistful message to talk about an issue in your life, this sound from musician and user D4vd is skyrocketing in videos. 

5.Чупки в кръста (Fiki) - 387.K Videos 

Another hyped-up instrumental song to add excitement to your content. This song just cracked TikTok’s top 100 sounds, so it’s a great early sound for brands to try out.

Trending TikTok Sounds for January 2023

1. Sure Thing (Miguel, Sped Up) - 2.2M Videos

Sped-up songs are a hit this month — this Miguel song has a simple hand-focused dance, but it also used in the background of other content. 

2. Flowers (Miley Cyrus) - 1M Videos 

The newest hit from Miley Cyrus — taking TikTok and Spotify by storm.

3. Bloody Mary (Lady Gaga, Hopez99 Version) - 309.2 Videos

This song pairs with the viral Wednesday dance trend. 

4. Kill Bill (Sza, Sped Up) - 131.6K Videos  

Whether you’re a fan of Sza’s new album or not, this song is catchy, and perfect to star or feature in the background of your TikTok content.

5. Creepin’ (Metro Boomin, the Weeknd and 21 Savage, ANTH Version) - 72.1K Videos 

Less saturated than other songs on this list, this Creepin’ cover is a great opportunity to talk about something you want to ‘keep on the low’, or use in the background.

What Are the Current TikTok Trends?

Videos themselves also go viral, and can be shared by users in a similar way to songs and sounds. TikTokers are able to stitch viral videos to their own. They are using this feature to react to content, as well as continue the story of the original video with their own funny or insightful additions. Brands are also using the opportunities stitching, reactions, and duets offer to inspire fun user generated content.

There’s no telling what sort of video will go viral next, but there are a few telltale signs. For example, videos featuring kids and their parents work well. They are funny, unexpected, and videos with more than one person are more engaging. Young people love the awkwardness of it all, and they are eager to share short videos with one another.

TikTokers take trends and put their own spin on them, while the linked music and hashtags are the common thread pulling the remixes together. Overall, what works in your TikTok marketing strategy are concepts that people can easily recreate which have an element of fun, surprise, and a track that is both catchy and of the moment.

For further reading on TikTok trends and how your brand can make a splash on the social channel, read our guide on how to go viral on TikTok.

TikTok Trends for September 2023

With Fall quickly approaching, here are the TikTok trends shaping our FYP this September: 

1. Wanting Was Enough 

This trend is controversial, but has been taking TikTok by storm. It’s been used with cats, dogs, humans and even lambs. To use this trend, find a creative way to strap your phone near your face (popular options include a headband or similar strap to hold the phone in place), and spin your chosen friend in a circle to the bridge of Taylor Swift’s ‘August’.

wanting was enough pet trend tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @madisonjcollier

2. More Passion, More Energy 

What gets you fired up and ready to go? Use this trend with the corresponding sound, and dance around in whatever fashion you choose with a text overlay that discusses something you love that gets you up and excited. 

more energy trend tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @annaarcherr

3. You’re So Brave 

Although this trend originates with pets, it has many applications. This trend involves using the ‘you’re so brave’ sound (the original comes a song two pet owners used to calm their dog in the elevator), with a video displaying something you feel proud of and brave for doing and a text overlay with a description.  

you're so brave trend girl wearing pink shirt with thumbs up tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @brooklynandbailey

4. Never Back Down 

To use this TikTok trend, lipsynch to the TikTok audio that says, “Never back down never what? Give up,” or use it in the background. Use a text overlay to describe a challenging situation — humorous or not — that you want to power through. 

bookshelf full of books tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @booknookreads

5. Delusion

This trend is pretty simple, and can be applied to many scenarios — simply use text overlay to write a phrase or other description that is a pipe dream, unlikely or that you’re overall delusional too. Then, lip synch the phrases “100%” and “delusion.” 

woman holding multiple trader joe snacks tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @jennaabarclay

TikTok Trends for August 2023

As Summer comes to a close, here are the TikTok trends shaping August’s FYPs: 

1. She’s a Girl 

This is a great trend to continue to capitalize on Barbie fever or any other feminine thing you’d like to pull focus towards — this trend uses audio from South Park that says “I’ll give you three reasons — one she’s a female, two she’s not a boy and three, and most importantly, she’s a girl!” Even better to callout three specific products, services or anything else grouped in threes you want to call attention to. This is also a fairly new trend, making this a great audio to adopt early. 

shes a girl tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @rosetintedceilings

2. “I’ll take a number seven.” “Number 11?” 

This trend uses audio that says “I’ll take a number seven,” with the reply “A number 11?” with continued confusion between the ‘orderer’ and the person taking the order. To do this trend, use text to list one thing you’re receiving that you don’t want as number seven, and the thing you do want to happen as number 11. Lip synch the audio for this trend that plays on things not always going your way. 

ill take a number 7 tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @leannrimes

3. I’m Not Judging You, I’m Just Saying Everyone Else is Gonna 

This TikTok trend uses audio from Theo Vonn — lip synch to the sentence “I’m not judging you, but I’m just saying everyone else is gonna” to describe questionable behavior. For brands, you can use this sound to bring attention to a product or service you offer. 

i'm not judging you tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @brackleydrivein

4. Where’s my Dad? 

Use this trend featuring music from an upcoming Finding Nemo musical that questions “Where’s my dad?” to share something daunting your dad usually helps you out with. 

wheres my dad finding nemo tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @makanndcheesee

5. Thank You to My Man 

Use this trend to express your thanks for something a man (or someone you don’t mind calling man) has done that you appreciate, or that makes your life easier. 

thank you to my man tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @brentfanaccount1

TikTok Trends for July 2023

July’s TikTok trends are focused on humor and levity — Here’s what trending on TikTok’s FYP in July. 

1. What I Look Like vs. What I Think I Look Like 

This trend uses two different filters and the ‘eyes without a face’ audio. The purpose is to poke fun at something you do often, and ideally, a time you think you imagine you look particularly nice. Start the trend with the ‘Bold Glamor’ filter and write — for example —”‘what I think I look like when I write about social media trends”, then use the Striking Face filter and write “what I actually look like”. 

what i think i look like tiktok trend
Image credit: @idk.its.jess

2. It’s a Canon Event 

What’s your canon event? Use the Spider-Man 2099 - Miguel O’Hara sound and film yourself with a text overlay that describes a canon event you’re familiar with, but feel is necessary to someone’s growth. For example, “When a social manger doesn’t look at social media analytics and just posts, I can’t interfere it’s a canon event.” The below example is a little tongue-in-cheek, but still effective. 

canon event tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @loveability

3. Apple Vision Pro

Even if you’re not planning to shell out $3,500 dollars for the new Apple Vision Pro, you can capitalize on its release with this new TikTok trend. Whether you want to highlight an event or video from your own brand (this could be a great opportunity to dive into some archival footage if available) or an event that relates to your industry or niche. 

This trend is all about revisiting an iconic moment with Apple AI. To execute this trend, use the ___ filter to display the event on the big screen and use a text overlay that says “Spending $3,500 on the Apple Vision Pro so I can revisit this iconic moment.” 

If you’re a beauty brand you might want to revisit an iconic beauty moment in film, or if you’re a fashion brand, you might want to share footage from a vintage fashion show. 

apple vision pro tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @batiste_hair

4. Moving Catwalk 

This is an especially fun trend to use for influencer or creator meetups, to spotlight a founder or another notable individual related to your brand. To do this trend, hold your phone and film as a selfie, before passing the phone along to someone (behind the screen and not visible to the user!) who will take the phone, continue filming to capture your whole outfit — and model walk. 

kate and ariana madix moving catwalk tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @somethingabouther

5. Whatever, Whatever

This trend uses an audio clip from the cartoon South Park — use this trend to ‘introduce yourself’, and call out something you often do with the voiceover “Well let’s bring him out, here’s Eric Cartman”. Then, re-appear in the frame and lip synch the “Whatever, whatever” — as if you’re being brought out to stage. 

TikTok Trends for June 2023

1. Family Now and Then

To do this trend, creators should show an old family photo featuring their siblings, and then show what their siblings look like now. Brands could take a fun spin on this audio and show old product packaging or discontinued products and their ‘modern’ counterparts. Use this audio in the background if doing the trend!

family now and then tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @tianwood_

2. It’s Whackadoodle Time

Do you ever feel the need to do something a little goofy? Use this “It is whackadoodle time’ audio to display something that makes you turn a little whacky. No need to lip synch to this trend, simply play the audio in the background.

james charles tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @jamescharles

3. Oh Really? That Sucks 

Lip synch to this audio of Mariah Carey saying “Oh really, that sucks” with a text overlay describing a situation that sucks — for you or someone else.

michael buble tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @michaelbuble

4. What’s Your Beige Flag? 

What’s your (or someone elses) quirk? Beige flags aren’t necessarily, bad or good — just something a little different or unique to an individual. Brands can use this audio with the song BEST INTEREST by Tyler the Creator to describe a beige flag for their brand, a product or coworkers.

beige flag tiktok trend screenshot
Image credit: @hadar_zaid

5. I Need to Buy a Gun - 36.8K Videos

This trend uses an audio clip that says “I need to buy a gun” — use this trend to describe a situation that embarrasses or annoys you. 

nurse.john tiktok screenshot
Image Credit: @nurse.john

TikTok Trends for May 2023

1. Me at My Wedding 

Use this trend for something you’re particularly excited about — someone or something’s downfall that you’d be more prepared for than your own wedding.

Image credit: @duolingo

2. Why Is Everyone Acting Weird, Seriously?

Ever weird others out? Whether it’s a person, place, or thing, this trend can be applied to a variety of subjects. 

This TIkTok trend uses audio from the Jersey Shore, where users lip synch “why is everyone acting weird, seriously?” and describing a scenario (typically something they do) that weird others out.n

Image credit: @niamhadkins

3. Wes Anderson Edit

Whether you’re a fan of Wes Anderson films or not, this trend is fun for anyone who enjoys styling and exploring different aesthetics — even better if this aesthetic suits your brand.

Creators behind this trend use the Obituary sound from the Anderson film ‘The French Dispatch’, and edit footage from their life or a particular trip to emulate a Wes Anderson film.

Image credit: @kristo.immanuel

4. I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About and I Never Have

This trend uses the phrase ‘I don’t know what I’m talking about and I never have”, to use for a scenario that either has you stumped, or you find hard to explain. 

Image credit: @flossinwithlauren

5. Answer the Phone

This trend uses a modified sound from ‘As it Was’ by Harry Styles — instead of playing the rest of the song, the sound continues, “answer the phone, answer the phone…” 

Use this trend to describe a situation where you really need someone to answer your call.

Image credit: @rod

TikTok Trends for April 2023

1. Are We Best Friends? 

Spend a lot of time with a coworker who begrudgingly accepts your friendship, or want to poke fun at your closest friendship? This trend originates from Aidy Bryant’s skit with Lizzo and keeps the laugh coming.

dylan mulvaney tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @dylanmulvany

2. Just to Let you Know 

Add a little spice to a typically mundane, or routine announcement using TikTok's CapCut feature and this trending audio.

fernando alosno tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @fernandoalonso

3. Post Her BM

In the mood to bust a move? April’s trending dance is to ‘SEEN HER POST HER BM’ — learn the moves and post a TikTok from your team or favorite brand ambassador.

charli damelio dancing tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @charlidamelio

4. I Woke Up in a New…

This trend uses sound from Bo Burnham’s Inside Out special and ‘Bugatti’ from Ace Hood. The voiceover starts calmly and seriously, until ‘I WOKE UP IN A NEW’ cuts in — use this to portray something that interrupts you or is especially loud on a normally quiet day.

stazzylicious tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @stazzylicious

5. Bombastic Side Eye 

What brings out the shade in you? Use this trend to highlight a comment or something from your daily life that makes you throw a side eye — or something you do that results in questionable looks from others.

malala fund tiktok screenshot
Image credit: @malalafund

TikTok Trends for March 2023

1. My Ancestors 

For this trend, users highlight a modern activity their ancestors would find absurd, or be proud of — conversely, creators can use this trend to highlight modern practices that have developed from historical practices.

Image credit: @noedresses

2. She’s From Manitoba 

Use this trend to point out a red flag or something that strikes you as unusual — this is typically negative, but could be used to focus on a positive slant. Creators describe the person or trait with a text overlay, then transition to a text overlay that describes what made the ick finally ‘click’ for you in the latter part of the sound.

Image credit: @dottybutton

3. If I’m Honest 

This trend uses sound from ‘Chronically Cautious’ by Braden Bales to highlight something you’re unsure or afraid of.

Image credit: @anstalksalot

4. Teenage Time Travel

What would you look like as a teen? Even teens themselves are getting in on this trend. Simply use the ‘Teenage’ filter and compare your current face to your ‘teenage’ one — bonus points if you discuss how the filter looks nothing like you.  

Image credit: @grandadjoe1933

5. Boy’s a Liar 

Capitalizing on the ‘Boy’s a Liar’ trending sound, use this trend to flex on your ex, show off an outfit or a new makeup look.

Image credit: @babybella777

TikTok Trends for February 2023

1. I Try Not To 

Did something embarrassing, or just feel like sharing something that left you mortified? Write out your regret over a video overlay of you reliving a less-than-desirable moment. 

Image credit: @swayandsarahbuild

2. Finn Wolfhard *snaps* 

Went through a transformation? Want to show the progress of something? This trend uses a CapCut template of Finn Wolfhard (Mike from Stranger Things) snapping to illustrate big (or little) changes. 

Image credit: milorizzcombinnns

3. Lollipop 

Gas up your friends, bring attention to your best selfies, or highlight your latest obsession — act out or lip synch the lyrics starting with “man she ain’t never had a love like mine…” and write about the object of your affection with a text overlay. For example, ‘me watching people using my favorite product”.

Image credit: @meghantrainor

4. Flip Flop

Can’t be bothered? Completely done with something? This trend has creators write about something that bothers them while pretending to clip-clap their flip-flops.

Image credit: @tatyanddavon

5. Time to Go? 

This trend uses the Sza sound from her song ‘Open Arms’ and the lyrics ‘’I guess I gotta go…” What makes you want to leave? Use that as an example in this trend.

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TikTok Trends for January 2023

January’s trends tend to stem from the stresses — does getting into a routine again have anything to do with it? 

1. Microwave 

Creators are using a snippet from the Bo Burnham song ___ to illustrate someone misunderstanding your point or having a difficult conversation. Brands can use this to illustrate a pain point with a particular product or feature, or a conversation they often have with their audience (without coming across smug or insincere). 

2. 3 Reasons Why 

What do you love or want to highlight? This cheeky trend uses an invisible list to highlight something, well, great. For instance, what are 3 reasons to dislike Dash Hudson? We’ll wait. 

3. It’s not that Serious  

‘You know what it never was? That serious’ — lip synch to this trend using a text overlay to describe whatever wasn’t that deep. For example, ’When the post my boss wanted to go viral didn’t’, perhaps.  

4. But it is! 

This sound comes from Chucky star Jennifer Tilley, and the trend highlights something you don’t believe — often to showcase something you do which isn’t de rigour.

5. Who’s Stressing? It’s You 

This trend asks ‘who’s stressing you out’ — and ends with the camera looking at you. This usually highlights something specific you forget to do, or neglect on a regular basis (in a playful way).

What Hashtags Are Trending on TikTok?

Hashtags have shaped trends for social media as they are known today. Hashtags allow content creators to categorize their content in order to follow a certain algorithm on the social platform. There are hashtags that are used more frequently and bring in more traffic than others. For instance, a hashtag that has always trended on TikTok is #fyp (for you page). Creators will use #fyp to notify TikTok to put their video on the For You Page - where your video is most likely to get traction. Videos that have various hashtags will receive higher awareness because you can tag as many different categories as you want. Your video can reach hundreds of different niche groups from just using a couple different hashtags. 

So, lets check out what hashtags are trending this month:

Trending Hashtags for September 2023

  1. #hurricane
  2. #karolg
  3. #intermiami
  4. #hilary
  5. #tropicalstorm
  6. #seanomalley
  7. #storm
  8. #ufc292
  9. #rosebowl
  10. #earthquake

Trending Hashtags for August 2023

  1. #intermiami 
  2. #barbiefiltro
  3. #learnontiktok
  4. #mls
  5. #fridaynight 
  6. #debut 
  7. #barbie 
  8. #barbiemovie 
  9. #barbiegirl 
  10. #messi

Trending Hashtags for July 2023

  1.  #parati  
  2.  #xyzbca 
  3.  #grow 
  4.  #transition
  5.  #fyy
  6.  #explore 
  7.  #lipsync
  8.  #handmade 
  9.  #duetwithem
  10.  #4you

Trending Hashtags for June 2023:

  1. #lindsay
  2. #tinaturner
  3. #lastdayofschool
  4. #milesmorales
  5. #fortnitememes
  6. #fortnitebr
  7. #simplythebest
  8. #viniciusjunior
  9. #janetjackson
  10.  #spidermanacrossthespiderverse

Trending Hashtags for May 2023:

  1. #jimmybutler 
  2. #miamiheat
  3. #stopmotion
  4. #summertime
  5. #girlythings
  6. #candyshop
  7. #highprotein
  8. #graphicdesign
  9. #lawncare
  10.  #landscaping

Trending Hashtags for April 2023:

  1. #nashville
  2. #elbruso
  3. #rge
  4. #pyf
  5. #welcomehome
  6. #zesty
  7. #yousureaboutthat
  8. #rhe
  9. #mlbtheshow
  10. #candystore

Trending Hashtags for March 2023:

  1. #outerbanks
  2. #obx
  3. #mardigras2023
  4. #melaniemartinez
  5. #obx3
  6. #karolg
  7. #snowday
  8. #atomicheart
  9. #nola
  10.  #crybaby

Trending Hashtags for February 2023:

  1. #flowers
  2. #lunarnewyear
  3. #beyonce
  4. #sunday
  5. #eagles
  6. #49ers
  7. #theowlhouse
  8. #dubai
  9. #sundayfunday 
  10. #chiefs

Trending Hashtags for January 2023:

  1. #flowers
  2. #nflplayoffs
  3. #mileycyrus
  4. #cowboys
  5. #dallascowboys
  6. #cartoonnetwork
  7. #thelastofus
  8. #giants
  9. #photoshop 
  10. #makeupoftiktok


What is the most popular trend on TikTok?

The beauty of TikTok comes from the fact that there isn’t a single most popular trend at any moment. What’s is most popular or viral is literally changing every single day. That being said, there are a couple of trends that have become mainstays on the app. Since many people are working from home, WFH and Zoom mishap skits are extremely popular, alongside “videos living in your head rent-free”, “tell me without telling me” and so many more. The most popular trends are usually short, to the point and entertaining or shocking in some way or another. 

What was the first TikTok trend?

Since TikTok started out as, a music and dance app, it’s not surprising that most of the first viral trends on TikTok were in fact dance videos. One of the earliest TikTok trends was a dance called “The Renegade” to a song by K-Camp called “Lottery”.

This type of trend became so popular and has stayed trending because users don’t need to be a professional to partake in these easy to learn and fun dances. 

How do you start a trend?

Unfortunately, there’s no sure-fire way to know whether something will trend or go viral on TikTok. A great place to start is using sounds or topics from pop culture. Many of the most viral trends have snippets from popular shows like Euphoria or Succession. If you’re not sure what sounds use, we recommend trying as many as you want. The great thing about TikTok is that there isn’t the need to curate your feed the way there is on a platform like Instagram.

How long does a TikTok trend last?

Much like starting a trend on TikTok, it’s hard to predict how long a trend will last. While some trends can last weeks or even months, some are also only relevant for a couple of days. Many say the best way to know a TikTok trend has “expired” is once you begin to see it popping up on other social media channels like Twitter or Instagram.

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