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Kendra Scott Vision for Ads

Driving ROI: Kendra Scott's AI Approach to Paid Social

Discover how jewelry retailer Kendra Scott is making a statement with its paid social campaigns with the help of Dash Hudson’s data-backed insights.

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Driving ROI: Kendra Scott's AI Approach to Paid Social

Learn How:

  • Dash Hudson’s AI technology builds a brand specific prediction model for Kendra Scott’s images.
  • The ads team tested a campaign with Vision selected imagery against a control campaign.
  • Kendra Scott was able to gain an edge on competitors when the brand incorporated data-backed insights into its paid creative strategy.



Return on Ad Spend, an Increase of 48%


Increase in Purchases On-site

A Golden Paid Social Strategy

Brands are spending big dollars on paid social to reach new audiences and ultimately increase revenue. While Kendra Scott had the insights it needed to understand how its organic content performs, the jewelry brand needed to take a similar approach to its paid social creative. With Dash Hudson’s predictive visual technology, Kendra Scott can select imagery for paid social ads, and understand how it will resonate with its audience before it’s pushed live.

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