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How REVOLVE Utilizes AI for Ads

Surpassing Goals: REVOLVE's AI-Enhanced Paid Social Strategy

Learn how fashion e-commerce powerhouse REVOLVE turned to Dash Hudson to add a data-backed layer to its content selection for paid social campaigns.

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Surpassing Goals: REVOLVE's AI-Enhanced Paid Social Strategy

Learn how REVOLVE uses Dash Hudson to:

  • Revolutionize its paid creative strategy.  
  • Leverage visual intelligence technology to select content for its paid social campaigns.
  • See a +70% return on ad spend compared to a campaign with images the brand would have used otherwise.



Return on Ad Spend, an Increase of 70%


Increase in AOV Using Vision-recommended Images

A Step Ahead of the Competition

REVOLVE had a firm grasp on what type of content engaged its organic Instagram audience, but needed to better understand what imagery drove ROI for paid social campaigns. REVOLVE’s ads team turned to Dash Hudson to select creative for ads with visual predictive technology.

REVOLVE + Vision 

Dash Hudson’s Vision technology uses computer vision and machine learning to build brand-specific prediction models for photos. REVOLVE partnered with Dash Hudson to analyze a set of potential images to use in an advertising campaign. REVOLVE selected the images that Vision predicted to be high performers, and using Facebook’s A/B campaign testing, compared the results to photos they would have used otherwise.

A Trendsetting Creative Strategy 

Consumers want to connect with their favorite brands in meaningful ways, be it organically or through paid content. In today’s crowded social space, every interaction counts. With optimization from Vision, REVOLVE’s paid creative strategy is slaying the status quo. Vision enables the REVOLVE team to consistently outperform their advertising KPIs and serve their audience the outfit inspo they want most.

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What We Can Learn From REVOLVE’s Strategy

Data-Driven Content Selection

REVOLVE uses tools like Vision to help predict high-performing images for advertising campaigns which optimizes performance by selecting content that resonates with their target audience.

Enhanced Targeting and Efficiency

The use of Dash Hudson has allowed REVOLVE to optimize its marketing to funnel to better target potential customers through the use of AI and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Performance Improvement Metrics

The effectiveness of utilizing AI-backed creative strategies in paid social content led to significant improvements in advertising key performance metrics, including an increase in ROAS and AOV for REVOLVE.

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