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How a Social Media Dashboard Helps Free People Find Success

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How a Social Media Dashboard Helps Free People Find Success

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Free People Social Media Dashboard

What you’ll learn:

  • How the team at Free People simplifies reporting and saves at least 3 hours, every week
  • Practical advice for measuring the ROI of influencer marketing
  • How to leverage artificial intelligence to proactively create content that performs

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Deliver ROI with This Social Media Dashboard

Free People is no stranger to change. The mature, contemporary fashion brand was a trailblazer in e-commerce and building an online community in the early days of social media. In recent years, the pace of new technology has accelerated at breakneck speed. Changes in consumer behavior and the socialization of e-commerce have transformed the apparel industry—posing new challenges for Free People. Find out how the team uses Dash Hudson’s social media dashboard to drive reporting efficiencies and understand the ROI of influencer marketing.

“Having reporting all in one place, alongside weekly and monthly snapshots, has been huge. Dashboards have helped us to quickly track topline performance, especially for our new brands. It’s definitely a time saver.”

Coleen O’Hara,
Social Media Manager
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