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How Flamingo Beat Retention Rates with Competitive Insights

By leveraging Dash Hudson’s TikTok performance and competitive insights, the CPG brand is able to identify engaging content and achieve greater reach and effectiveness — all while benchmarking its performance against competitors seamlessly.

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How Flamingo Beat Retention Rates with Competitive Insights

By leveraging Dash Hudson’s TikTok performance and competitive insights, the CPG brand is able to identify engaging content and achieve greater reach and effectiveness — all while benchmarking its performance against competitors seamlessly.

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How Flamingo Surpassed the Industry Average Retention Rate by 41% With Competitive Insights

Discover how Flamingo uses Dash Hudson’s competitive insights to:

  • Track content effectiveness in real-time, allowing the team to understand what drives entertainment, pivot strategies as necessary, and focus on what’s working.
  • Increase time efficiency by analyzing what works well for its competitors and filtering it accordingly to determine how to create and share more relevant content.
  • Identify trends and plot larger content narrative arcs to increase engagement and stay relevant to its audience.

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increase in Entertainment Score on TikTok*


higher Retention Rate on TikTok than the industry average**


of performance reporting time saved

*in H2 2022 compared to H1 2022, **according to Dash Hudson’s latest Cross-Channel Social Media Benchmarks

Flamingo’s Challenge

Flamingo, a leading body hair and care brand, is all about championing women and empowering them to have positive relationships with their bodies through their personal care routines. As product-led brands are heavily reliant on the power of short-form video to engage and attract consumers, one of the most pressing challenges that Flamingo and the wider industry face today is balancing relevant and entertaining content with driving brand messages. 

Additionally, staying on top of a constant stream of trends is proving difficult too. Identifying what's popular and relevant, how it can relate to your brand, and then creating the content is no small feat. Thus, Flamingo had to refocus its strategy and double down on its efforts to meet its audience's needs. With Dash Hudson's insights, the brand is developing a TikTok-first strategy targeting its audience where they spend the most time while also using competitive insights to stay abreast of industry trends.

Keeping a Competitive Edge With Actionable Insights

With social media becoming increasingly crowded, consumers are only noticing brands that stand out during their scrolling sprees, and the need to stay ahead of the competition and industry trends is crucial. While identifying opportunities from competitor social accounts can be time-consuming, it's an integral component of a social media manager's job — particularly when reporting to leadership. However, Dash Hudson helps Flamingo gain valuable insight into its competitors' activities quickly. In fact, seamless access to relevant data has significantly simplified stakeholder reporting, saving the team 50% of their usual reporting time.

50% of performance reporting time saved

Flamingo also leverages Dash Hudson's Vision feature to identify data-backed visual insights from competitors' content to inform its content strategy and understanding how trends resonate with its audiences. Recently, the team created a 2022 wrap report that included a 2023 mood board curated by the content found through Vision. It highlighted content that some competitors and aspirational brands are sharing that might work for Flamingo, and gave insights into what works and what doesn't for its competitors.

Leadership frequently asks about what our competitors are doing and the industry benchmark for our performance. As a result of Dash Hudson's competitive features, I can proactively build comprehensive reports using these insights, saving me time since I don't need to look through all our competitors' socials.

Chelsea Trout,
Social Media Manager at Flamingo

Identifying What Drives Meaningful Engagement

For Flamingo, it's not just about how many people its content reaches but how engaging it is for those it does reach. By analyzing insights and monitoring what resonates, Flamingo has made the strategic decision to put more focus on TikTok. The platform — dubbed the Gen-Z streaming service — provides the brand with the most desirable results and access to the right audiences. To gauge success and keep tabs on opportunities, Flamingo leverages Dash Hudson's TikTok Insights to assess each piece's performance and identify what works and what needs improvement. This allows the brand to provide value to its audience instead of simply trying to reach as many people as possible. With continuous focus on metrics that matter to the team, Flamingo has increased its TikTok Entertainment Score by 65% and Retention Rate by 52% — both above industry averages.

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But it's not just about the metrics. Flamingo also uses Dash Hudson's UGC features to learn how people use its products, what they care about, and what questions they have, allowing it to create more tailored and educational content. Analyzing UGC in one place — particularly shelfies — helps the team understand what other products are used by their customers, as well as who their competitors are.

We really lean into gaining access to UGC via Dash Hudson as it makes it wildly easy to download, store, and upload to our Library and assess how this content might perform for us with Vision. It has also been helpful to see how people utilize our product, what other products are in their lineups, their other related interests, and beyond.

Chelsea Trout,
Social Media Manager at Flamingo

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What We Can Learn From Flamingo's Strategy

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Stay on top of industry trends and opportunities by monitoring what your competitors are doing and see how you stack up.

Prioritize Audience Entertainment

Meet your audience where they spend their time being entertained, and use insights to determine what content resonates with them.

Focus on Meaningful Metrics

Understand which metrics are most effective with different platforms, and use these to measure success and audience engagement.

Pro Tips To Maximize Dash Hudson Tools To Drive Business ROI

  • Use Competitive Insights to seamlessly access relevant competitive data, identify trends and opportunities, save time, and simplify stakeholder reporting.
  • Leverage TikTok Insights to discover what content reaches, entertains, and retains your audience in real-time.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities by analyzing your UGC to understand how consumers use your products and how they talk about you.

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