Dash Hudson’s AI and Automation

Harness AI to Improve Your Social Results

Dash Hudson helps you easily automate your digital content lifecycle and make more informed decisions by providing AI-driven insights on your content, performance, competitors and community. Our social media management platform is enhanced with Vision AI to empower smarter decisions, faster.

AI driven insights

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Powering Social Strategies Since 2016

Dash Hudson’s Vision AI is a suite of advanced, AI-powered tools seamlessly integrated into our platform. Utilizing our proprietary AI model, Vision AI has been analyzing visual content trends since 2016.

AI-Powered Productivity Within Reach

AI-Driven Insights in Seconds

Easy-to-understand AI insights that save time through automated summaries, including competitor analysis and viral trend opportunities in your owned content strategy.

Creative Intelligence at your Fingertips

Effortlessly plan social media content with AI-driven recommendations that help you find top-performing content and the best times to post for maximum engagement.

Connaissez votre audience pour une stratégie SEO TikTok sur mesure et percutante

Gain a clear view of the social landscape and what delights your community through AI-powered market insights.

Boost Your Workflow With AI and Automation

Dash Hudson's easy and intuitive platform ensures that you immediately benefit from the power of AI and automation in your daily workflow. With Vision AI-integrated features, your manual tasks in reporting, publishing, analytics and social listening are streamlined, freeing up more time for creativity.

Save Time Unearthing Insights From Information-Rich Reports

Sentiment and brand health reports, combined with your key metrics, simplify strategic decision-making. Summarize it all with just one click.

  • Generate custom report summaries that align with targets and automate distribution to key stakeholders
  • Get your custom multi-brand, multi-channel reports delivered to your email at a regular cadence

Explore our Dashboards feature

Sentiment and brand health reports

Let Dash Hudson’s Vision AI and Automation Do the Heavy Lifting

Streamline Your Social Media Analysis

We’ll help you save time with AI-driven insights.

Automated reporting in Dashboards can save you up to 10 hours per week. Source: Internal Study

With the sheer amount of data on each platform, identifying actionable insights can be time-consuming. Dash Hudson’s social media management tools, powered by Vision AI insights, enable social media managers to make swift, confident decisions. What would you do with an extra day a week?

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"We really lean into gaining access to UGC via Dash Hudson as it makes it wildly easy to download, store, and upload to our Library and assess how this content might perform for us with Vision AI."

Chelsea Trout

Chelsea Trout

Former Social Media Manager at Flamingo

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