The Power of Community

Brands experiencing sustained success on social media invest time and effort into cultivating a community. Learn about key trends on social media and improve your overall performance.

Social Media Trends Report

What you’ll learn:

  • Top brand marketing trends for building community
  • How to unlock successful creator-brand partnerships
  • How Entertainment Scores and Engagement Rates impact sales
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Designed with the social media manager in mind, Dash Hudson has tailored plans for all team sizes, budgets and needs. Your team will work together seamlessly and save valuable time.

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Save hours each week sourcing and predicting top-performing UGC and Influencers for social and e-commerce.

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Dash Hudson’s latest Social Media Trends Report connects the dots between community and social media performance, designed to help you propel your strategy forward.

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The data utilized in this report was sourced from Dash Hudson's social media management platform. The dataset is comprised of content from global brands who are customers and non-customers across various social media platforms. The timeframe for data collection encompassed the years 2022 and 2023. This period was chosen to capture the most recent and current social media trends.