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How Brands Succeed on TikTok: Pro Tools and Strategies

John Beaton
May 26, 2022
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how to be successful on tiktok

With over 1 billion users, TikTok’s astronomical rise has not gone unnoticed by marketers. This rise in popularity has made cracking the code on how to do well on TikTok very important to brands. Marketers are now prioritizing the channel and its lofty engagement rates. TikTok is more than just a social network—people watch your videos to be entertained, and in the wake of increased privacy concerns and the decline of targeted advertising, great organic content is the best method for your brand to be discovered.

Roughly 85% of the videos on a user’s “For You” page are from people and brands they are not following, and the channel offers brands the opportunity to lead with authenticity and build a strong community. Brands need strong data to understand what content resonates with audiences, and Dash Hudson has been hard at work, developing solutions in partnership with TikTok to help you take your strategy to the next level.

We are announcing the launch of our TikTok Insights and Entertainment Score. 🎉
These proactive reporting tools help our customers surface and analyze which videos go viral, and why, and they are now available to all Dash Hudson customers.

How to Start a Successful TikTok Account

How to start a successful TikTok account for brands starts with laying the groundwork. You'll need to figure out how to measure the success of your content, how you'll report on it, and how to understand where you fit in with the competition. As one of the first companies in the world to partner with TikTok on its API, we are offering the best-in-class TikTok Insights solution for brands to:

  • Measure and analyze analytics after it disappears from the native platform after 60 days, including historical data
  • Simplify TikTok reporting, alongside other key digital marketing channels
  • Understand how their individual videos perform against their own content, as well as how they perform against other brands

Build Your Successful TikTok Strategy

Meaningful Dashboard Performance Reporting

TikTok is a channel of experimentation, and custom reporting allows you to quickly understand if your efforts are successful, or where you need to drill down into your content strategy. Not every video has the same objective, and sorting by KPIs allows you to identify which videos are hitting your long-term goals. Dash Hudson’s platform gives you the flexibility to report on TikTok as part of your omnichannel strategy, in a way that suits your needs. Using Dashboards, our one-stop shop for your in-depth social analysis, you can surface deeper insights into your TikTok performance to build your optimal strategy.

Holistic Measurement to Inform Your Creative Strategy

Brands need in-depth creative insights to develop highly discoverable content and earn high engagement. With Dash Hudson’s TikTok Insights, the need to switch between the TikTok app and your social media tool is eliminated, saving you time across all key marketing channels. Dash Hudson customers can segment their videos to uncover performance trends, see which content pillars are the highest performing, and which partners in their creator marketing strategies are resonating with their audience.

Extended Performance Analytics

Performance metrics lack the context that allows you to prescribe shifts in strategy. Industry-leading brands are using TikTok insights to surface trends in performance and make custom reporting segments to contextualize marketing campaigns. Dash Hudson allows your brand to decisively measure your growth on the channel and tell the story with meaningful data and visuals.

Real-Time TikTok Community Management

Community allows social media managers to monitor discussions around their brands in a fraction of the time by easily switching between brand accounts within one, easy-to-use community inbox. Organizational tools such as saved replies, filtering, tagging, and searching level up the community experience in Dash Hudson, empowering our users to organize their DMs Inbox and know exactly where they left off.

Always Know Which Sounds are Trending

TikTok sounds are constantly in flux, and keeping a pulse on what's trending is majorly time-consuming. With Trending Sounds in Dash Hudson, social media managers can see what’s currently hot and on the rise on TikTok. With all necessary information displayed up front, they can get instant context on what type of sound it is, how many videos have used the sound or similar sounds, playable videos in platform to view how other brands and users have used the sound, and if it’s on the rise or fall of popularity.

TikTok Scheduling

Our customers can schedule TikTok content directly from the Dash Hudson for holistic social planning and scheduling. Brands know that the most optimal times to publish to TikTok are not always within business hours. Push notifications allow social media managers the structure to plan their content ahead of time and publish it at their most optimal time with only a few taps on the mobile app, while auto publishing allows them to plan ahead and schedule their TikTok content to post at a later date.

Using the Dash Hudson Entertainment Score to Grow Your Revenue

TikTok is one of the fastest growing platforms for entertainment with a massive opportunity for brands to reach new audiences. In fact, 67% of users say that TikTok inspired them to shop, even when they weren’t planning to do so, proving that providing authentic, entertaining content is the simplest way to turn new viewers into customers. 

In addition to the primary research pulled from Dash Hudson across multiple industries, we worked with NielsenIQ to supplement this with secondary data that analyzing TikTok’s best beauty brands. 

What did we find? There’s considerable correlation between entertainment-based content on TikTok and omni-channel sales growth — brands who leverage entertainment and the Entertainment Score as part of their content strategy grew 34% faster than brands who approach TikTok with traditional marketing strategies. 

dash hudson nielsen iq entertainment score data

TikTok Performance FAQs

How long does it take to get on the FYP?

Successful, high-quality videos will usually hit the FYP within a few days of posting; however, your content is more evergreen due to TikTok’s algorithm-based discoverability, and it is not unheard of for content to hit the “For You” page several weeks after posting. You can increase your chances by using analytics, trending sounds, and popular hashtags to make the content you know TikTok users are interested in.

How do I get on the FYP every time?

Ultimately your TikTok content’s performance is determined by algorithms that can be influenced, but not controlled. The best way to improve your chances and post videos that consistently land on the FYP is by looking at your analytics and figuring out the types of content that perform well for you.

What is the TikTok Entertainment Score?

Exclusive to Dash Hudson, the Entertainment Score is a measurement of how entertained your audience is by your TikTok video content. It is based on two key indicators, engagement rate, and retention rate, and is scored against an internal database of performance benchmarks to determine how your video performs.

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